How to Get the Most Out of Your Polo & Tweed Login

Published on October 20, 2017

Do you know how to harness the power you have in your Polo & Tweed login? Worry not. Together we will take a look at some easy things you can do to help you get that dream job.

It is important to remember Polo & Tweed are a recruitment agency so new jobs are coming in all the time for different families and you need to apply for the jobs you would like. We don’t automatically pass your CV on to our client, we need you to let us know by applying.

This handy guide will help you understand how to get the most out of your candidate portal, and give you the best opportunity for future job opportunities through Polo & Tweed.

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Employment Agency Vs Recruitment Agency – What Polo & Tweed is?

Published on June 1, 2017

Employment and recruitment agencies are two very different entities, but from the outside can be quite confusing. This article should help you understand the differences between the two.

It can seem that there are so many things to think about when looking for a new job. Our hope is that this article will give you the tools to make great decisions on your journey to your dream job.

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The Domestic Service Industry – Is It For You?

Published on April 18, 2017

The domestic service industry is a great way to earn a good living and have a long term, solid income and career. It has lots of potential to climb the ladder to higher up, better paid jobs too. Have you considered working in the domestic service industry? Read our guide to find out if it’s the right career choice for you.

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The Horrors of Job Interview Mistakes

Published on October 28, 2016

How to avoid the worst interview mistakes

Have you ever experienced a spooky job interview?  Perhaps you’ve been asked uncanny questions, or the interview took place in a haunted house?  Unless you’ve decided to work in the London Dungeons, it is likely that most of your job interviews have been professional and friendly.  But from time to time, the job interview can take an unusual turn.

Below are our top tips to avoid any job interview becoming a spooky and horrid experience….  It frighteningly is all true!

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The Joys of Temporary Holiday Staff

Published on October 26, 2016

Are you hosting this year?

The holiday season is coming! We know it is still early – but at Polo & Tweed we like to be prepared and we know from experience how stressful the holiday period can be. Christmas, New years Eve, it is an exciting time, mostly jam-packed with events, dinners and parties.  The key to keeping stress levels low is to be organised and plan in advance.

Not just with your time, invitations and organisation of events, but also the daily running of the household and any additional staff you might require.

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How To: Proper Reference Check for a Housekeeper

Published on October 18, 2016

Never overlook a reference check…

Reference checking is a vital part of any recruitment process. Whether an agency is doing this, or you are directly interviewing and selecting a new housekeeper to work for your household. A CV, interview and trial will only give you so much information.

Actually speaking to previous employers can give an invaluable insight into the housekeeper’s level of experience, skills and personality.  Make sure you obtain a proper reference check using our top tips.

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10 Most Important Interview Questions To Ask A Temporary Nanny

Published on September 1, 2016

Are you asking the right questions?

Temporary nannies are ad hoc childcare staff which you can book a while in advance or last minute, but just because they are short term doesn’t mean you should rush the hiring process. Make sure your family is in the right hands by properly vetting your temporary nanny candidates.

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Hiring A Nanny: How To Do A Proper Reference Check

Published on August 27, 2016

Your FULL Guide to A Nanny Reference Check

Having children is probably the most amazing thing that can happen to a woman and her family. However, this comes in a package with lots of worries, like how to make sure you hire a safe and trusted nanny to look after your children.

If you decide to hire a high end nanny it’s essential to vet your candidates so you can find a trustworthy and qualified nanny. Apart from CVs, interviews, and DBS checks, you’ll need to follow up with their references. Even if you are going through a prestigious agency and they do all the legwork for you, it’s best and highly advised that you check the references yourself as well.

This guide will help you properly conduct reference checks on your nanny candidates so you can be confident in your decision.

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Why Do I Have To Pay for Trialling Candidates

Published on August 11, 2016

Never skip the trial period…

As an Estate Manager or an employer, amongst other duties, you also have to hire and fire staff. Of course, hiring is the funnest part.

You’ve done all the hard work of vetting candidates and you think you’re ready to hire. But wait… It’s always highly advisable that before you sign a contract with someone you trial them

So you arrange a trial, which can be anywhere from 1 day to 7 days up to 2 weeks at the most. You will have a longer probation period in the contract anywhere between 1 month to 6 months, but you want to make sure that you save yourself all the headache before even signing a contract.

How does the trial period work and what do you need to know about the process?

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