Why Would An Estate Manager Suit Your Household?


Published on February 23, 2021

Do you know what an estate manager is? You may have heard of the title. But are you aware of what tasks they do? And how they can help a family with a busy schedule? Would an estate manager be a perfect fit for your family?

If you own an estate or a large household an estate manager could be the perfect addition to your family. An estate manager is hired to work on an estate or large property with acres of land. This is the main difference between a house manager and an estate manager. An estate manager has to handle more complex and larger properties. They can help with a wide range of tasks. And can make life much easier for the family they work for.

What does an Estate Manager do?

When looking at why an estate manager might suit your household, let’s have a look at the concrete day to day tasks an estate manager would do.

  • Oversee Maintenance

    If there are any maintenance issues on the estate, the estate manager would be in charge of locating and reporting the problem. For example, if there was damp appearing in one of the rooms. Then the estate manager should contact their principal and alert them of the issue. After the principal has been made aware of the situation and informed the estate manager of what should be done. They are then expected to contact the appropriate people and solve the problem.

  • Supervise Staff

    Every estate is unique.  And it will have a different set of requirements the estate manager has to meet. If it is a smaller property, the estate manager may be in charge of the upkeep of the family home. In this instance, they could be in charge of the other domestic staff in the house. This could be the butlers, private chefs or housekeepers. Whereas, if the estate is huge the estate manager could be in charge of everything around the property. Apart from the family home. In this case, the estate manager would be in charge of the outside domestic staff. Like, for example, the gardeners, farmworkers or cleaners. It then is their responsibility to ensure that the property is kept in good condition.

  • Managing Budgets or Events

    As mentioned earlier, the estate manager will be in charge of sorting out maintenance issues around the property. They will have control of the budget. And they will be responsible to pay for any services that are brought in. Of course only with the principal’s approval. In some cases, the estate manager may also have control of the payroll for the other domestic workers on the property.

    In some cases, estates run like a business. As they may have a farm, host weddings and social events etc. The estate manager would be in charge of keeping track of the money coming in and going out. Especially from these events. Making sure to frequently update the principal with the budgets. Finally, the estate manager always ensures everything is prepared. Especially in situations where the family host an event on the estate. This might concretely mean to book domestic workers. Or ensure that other workers on the property are on schedule. And that the estate is in perfect condition.

  • Agricultural duties

    Some estates may have a farm or animals that need to be taken care of. It is the estate manager’s task to look after all animals well. And they will be the person to solve any problems. For example, if some of the animals fell unwell the estate manager would contact the vet. And try to rectify the situation. It will also be down to the estate manager that any crops or plants are kept in good condition. 

These are just some of the many reasons an estate manager would suit your household and make your life easier.

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