How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets


Published on April 9, 2020

We all love our pets and they are a lovely addition to any household. They can bring a lot of happiness and love. But, they also can make your house very dirty quite quickly! It can be a nightmare trying to keep your house clean with pets. So to keep everything hygienic and to not let your house get completely covered in muddy paws and pet hairs, follow these simple steps.

So how do you keep your house clean with pets?

Create a Pet Cleaning Area

To stop any mud or dirt from your pet coming in from the outside. Make sure you have an area near your house entrance to clean your pet. This can be indoors or outdoors and can be as simple as having a couple of towels in a corner to brush off any wetness or dirt. Wet wipes could work too. Outside could be a hosepipe to hose off muddy paws or a brush. And maybe some yummy treats!

Clean your pet

Let’s start with the culprit itself! Whatever breed, a dog or cat will need regular grooming in one way or another. Whether it is a complete bath with shampoo or just a quick brush, make sure you have a routine set up. You’d be surprised how much mud can hide in paws and under nails – and how they can bring that all in the house!

Besides that, make sure to brush and maintain their coats regularly. Some pets might need professional grooming, maybe you can do it yourself. Make sure you keep this up though because it can make a big difference in how much they shed hair all over the place. A great way to keep your house clean with pets! You can read more about grooming your pet here.

Cover your seating area

Do you like your pets sitting on your sofa with you? Great! Some people might even have their pets sleeping on the bed with them. Whatever works for you, just make sure you have certain setups in place to keep things clean. For both your sofas and your bed – think about getting a nice looking blanket or cover that you can protect the material with. You really do not want scratchy nail marks on your luxury leather sofa! Covering it with a nice throw that can be washed can be a great solution.

Same goes for the bed. Before you go to bed, or after you get up, make sure to cover your duvet and sheets with a pet-friendly throw. This way you will not get any pet hairs in your sheets, which can be notoriously difficult to get off! Pick a nice-looking throw so that it matches your interior and keeps your house clean too. Your pets will be comfortable, so a win-win!

Clean your pets items

Keeping your pet clean is one thing. But keeping its toys, bedding and litter tray clean is another very important thing! And key to keep your house clean with pets. Wash your pet’s blankets, their beds, and their toys. All of this will contain bacteria they will bring in from outside. If they are not machine washable, you can hand wash in the sink and hang to dry.

Get rid of bad smells

There are lots of great products available nowadays to keep interior as well as furniture and fabrics smelling fresh and clean. Having pets in the house can sometimes contribute to funky smells. So having items in place to neutralise odours is a great way of giving the house a clean feel. If you like scented candles that can be an option too!

Keep your washing machine clean

If you have pets who regularly jump on the chairs, sofas and beds, or like to cuddle up with you, it really is inevitable. You will start finding pet hairs in all your laundry! A good washing machine can do a lot to remove hairs, but they are really stubborn. And it can really clog up your washing machine too!

Before you put items in the wash, make sure to try and remove as much hair off the items before they go in. You can use a lint roller to get hair off or a good vacuum cleaner can do the trick too.

With your washing machine, make sure you clean the inside, outside and the door after each wash. Also, let the washing machine dry properly. You can hoover leftover hairs out of the drum and the door. This way you can make sure there won’t be any more hairs coming into your next load of laundry!

Invest in a  good vacuum cleaner

They might not come cheap, but specialist pet vacuum cleaners really can make a great difference. A great pet or allergy vacuum cleaner will suck up even the smallest of hairs, dust from your pets and fight nasty odours. There are so many things your pets bring in you won’t be able to see – but a specialist vacuum cleaner will be able to get to! Especially if you have rugs or carpets, a good vacuum cleaner is an absolute must to keep your house clean with pets.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

However helpful these tips might be – keeping your house clean can still be a large task in your already busy day. It might be a great option to look at hiring a housekeeper. Not only will they be able to keep your house sparkling clean – they can also help with any pet related tasks such as walking the dog.

Polo & Tweed have an outstanding selecting of excellent housekeepers in the database – ready to come work for you and care for your lovely pets! To find out more about how the process works and how to find a new housekeeper for your household, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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