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At Polo & Tweed we want our clients to have the very best service they deserve and we work to help all of our candidates reach excellence so they can attain their career goals. Our trainers are top of the line professionals with years of experience as domestic staff both in their professional careers and teaching. Apart from their technical knowledge, our training staff offers tips and advice on all the little things that take service from great to impeccable. It is their inside knowledge that gives you a unique insight into the tips of trade.

As a British company (London based) we hold the highest standards for domestic staff. Principals, managers, and domestic staff professionals from around the world look to us for training because they know the British history and culture we embody sets the bar for professional service.

Principals & Managers

Looking to improve the level of service amongst your staff? We offer both in-situ training and group classes. Our in-situ training is customized to meet your needs and we will send a trainer to you, wherever you are. Let us know what improvements you’d like to see in your staff, and we’ll develop a curriculum to meet your goals.

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Domestic Staff Professionals

Whether you are looking to further your career personally or you have been instructed to receive training from your principal, we are here to help. Find out how we can help in a free consultation.

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More info about specific training options:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We also offer tailor-made training courses so let us know exactly what you need and we’ll work with you to find a solution. If we can’t offer the type of training you need ourselves, we will help connect you with someone in our network who can.

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  • Is this for yourself or a member of staff? What is the job title and main duties of the candidate?
  • Please let us know what type of training you are interested in with as much detail as you feel necessary.