Why Polo & Tweed can find the best PAs/EAs for your business


Published on May 15, 2017

When you are looking to hire a new PA or EA, it might not be your initial thought to use a Domestic Recruitment Agency for your search. It might feel like a complete mismatch to have a Domestic Staff firm find a candidate who will be working in a corporate setting. However, at Polo & Tweed we are highly experienced and suited in headhunting, sourcing and placing outstanding Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants in roles ranging from international businesses for CEO’s, the public sector and family offices and independent entrepreneurs.

We understand your needs and have the knowledge and database to back it up. Let us enlighten you why we are what you might have been looking for all along, in your search for qualified, experienced and highly suited Personal and Executive Assistants for you or your business.

We understand people
Our business is about matching personalities. All our candidates on our books are fully vetted and checked  – making sure that when the candidate is being introduced to you, it is merely a matter of matching personalities and thinking about “do I like this person”, “does his/her personality fit within the company culture” instead of having to worry about whether they have the right qualifications or experience. With our longstanding experience in domestic recruitment, placing staff in families is all about finding the right ‘type’ of person. To live with your employers – which many of our candidates end up doing – it is vital that their persona is the right match for the family’s energy. We apply exactly this process when recruiting for PAs and EAs in corporate settings. And with our longstanding experience matching the right people together, you can rest assured knowing we will not only find you the most qualified candidates with regards to their work history and education, but – more importantly – someone who will understand you, and will fit in seamlessly in your company culture. After all, there will be many candidates out there with the same CV, but not many with the exact right personality for your job role.

We take our time
Don’t be put off: with finding you the right candidates, we are extremely quick. We have all the people, and just need to present them to you. But we do like to take our time with the process that happens before you have even contacted us: the selection of candidates. We are extremely critical of who enters – and stays on – our database. Some other recruiters might think we are ‘wasting’ time by spending a lot of time vetting and getting to know our candidates – we however disagree. We want to give you the peace of mind that when a candidate steps through your door for that first interview, they tick all the boxes you have asked for.

We have the database you need
We have over 6000 active candidates on our books who are fully vetted, checked and approved by our specialist recruitment team. Besides this, we are constantly vetting and headhunting new people – from all over the world – to keep our database current and up to date to the movements and requirements of the market. We like to cast our net wide, to be extremely specific on who enters the final stage or registration. Therefore we will never be short of any suitable candidates for any of your roles.

We have the network
Our longstanding work in the recruitment – as well as in the training industry has enabled us to build up a vast, international network of candidates, students, professionals and corporate connections all over the world. Whether you are in Canada, the UK, Bahrain or Singapore – chances are we will have candidates near you, ready to go. And if not, our excellent headhunting team will surely find them

We stay with you
Unlike some other agencies, we do not disappear after a placement has been finalised. We have one of the longest guarantee period of any recruitment company out there. We are in this business to build up long standing, fruitful relationships with you and your business, helping you grow from strength to strength finding you the right people to do that with you. A great PA or EA can make an enormous difference in the strength, success and longevity of your company. We like to stay with you for whatever needs you have – to make sure you fully get your money’s worth and a service you can rely upon in the long term.


It might be time to broaden your horizons and experience the much more personal approach we as a Domestic Agency offer. We are looking forward to hearing from you and get the search for your new PA or EA started today.

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