What are the 5 Benefits of a Nanny Share?

Nanny Share

Published on June 15, 2019

A nanny share is when a nanny is shared by either two or more families.  Typically it is two families, who live close by, and have children who need a level of support and care.  It is a popular option with families who do not need a full time nanny, but between them need a full time pair of hands.

Nanny shares are popular with big families with children – for example brother and sister who live locally with children, or with families who are friends with other families in the immediate area.

So what are the five benefits of a nanny share?

1. A share of the costs

It goes without saying that sometimes hiring a full time nanny is an expensive route for a family to go down.  Particularly when the children are at the age where they are attending full time school.  Yes it’s a challenge during the holiday when the children might need full time attention, but then these hour significantly drop during term time.  Some families might not be able to afford full time help.  By entering into a nanny share with another family, you have the knowledge that you have between you a full time nanny to call upon.  This is a great option for a working family whose budget is tight.

2. Socialisation for your Child(ren)

The great thing about a nanny share is that the nanny will typically (but not always) cover the time for the two families with the children together.  For example they may pickup all the children and take them back to one house to feed them and play with them.  The children will all be together, and this is a lovely time for them to socialise and spend time with other children.  Socialisation for children is an important element to their growth and development, so particularly for only children, this a positive way for them to connect with other children outside of nursery and school settings.

3. Flexible Support

By hiring a full time nanny it lends itself to having a flexible and supportive person, which is great for any busy families needing extra support such as babysitting or weekend work.  It also means you have an extra pair of hands if you want to take the nanny on holiday for example – which is a great way for families to have that support even on their downtime!

4. Professional Development

A professional nanny supports a family in a professional way.  This can be through specific help with their homework, language development or skill development.  Like a professional teacher, a professional nanny will enhance your child(ren’s) life and allow them to flourish – a very special gift for any growing child.

5. Peace of Mind

You’ll know that if you run late at work, or if you have to take your attention to another matter, you have a professional and reliable nanny to call upon.  This can give you huge peace of mind as family life can be at times unpredictable and very busy.

Are you looking for a nanny share?

A nanny share is a great option for any family, who has another family who wants to share the costs with them.  It’s a popular option amongst families and one that Polo & Tweed are highly experienced with.  If you are looking for a great nanny to share with another family, then please do drop us a line – we’d love to hear what kind of nanny you are looking for and find you a perfect match!

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