How To: Use A PA To Organise and Plan Any Event


Published on November 23, 2017

Having a Personal Assistant is extremely helpful to get your business and your family life organised. PAs are a very helpful addition to anyone with a busy schedule, whether that is because of a high pressured job and frequent travel, or a hectic family situation, or even the combination of both.

A PA steps in for the things you simply do not have the time to do, and when you find a great PA, the chances are, they might even be better at it than you!

What many people do not realise is how versatile a PA can be. Yes, diary management, organisation and travel arrangement is a big part of their job, but have you ever thought of the idea of party and event organising? Imagine having your very own wedding personal assistant!

Why Let your PA Organise Events

Firstly, a good PA, whatever their task and job description may be, stands out because of their excellence in organisational skills. Although specific tasks might differ from job to job, company or family (office), the core and functions of a PA lie in planning and organisation.

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When it comes to taking on an event, it will either be a huge success or an absolute disaster, depending on the organisation. PAs are used to dealing with last minute changes, thinking on their feet and multitasking – all invaluable skills to have when managing an event where you want everything to go flawlessly perfect.

The Costs

Hiring a specific party or event manager can be very expensive. A hardworking, organised and skilled PA can put a great event together, whilst also making sure your diary is still running smoothly. If you are letting your current PA pick up event organising, it will become part of their daily duties and be moulded into their working hours.

What Type of Events Can a PA Take On

The list is endless and will completely depend on your priorities. But do get inspired by the following selection of examples.


A wedding is a great example of one of the most important events of your life. Everything needs to be running smoothly, and the build-up to the actual day is as important as the wedding itself. It is easy to lose yourself in the amount of tasks that will be thrown at you, the abundance of decisions that need to be made and how everything needs to come together on the day. Using your PA as a wedding personal assistant will make sure your big day is as perfect as you want it to be.

A PA (your new wedding personal assistant) can be there to hold your hand throughout the planning and organising process but also, and more importantly, on the day to make sure you are looked after, ready for anything, and any potential hiccups will be ironed out straight away so you can enjoy this special day in your life with your loved ones.


With the same setup as a wedding, birthdays and anniversaries can be big, important events. Absolutely important enough for you to get a PA to sort everything out beforehand, get themes, guest lists, venues, catering and entertainment sorted, as well as being the first point of call on the day so you can enjoy and be present in the moment.

Business Events

Any good PA will understand your business and the business culture, making sure to present and organise an event exactly suited for you and your business partners and guests.

Dinner Parties

Even smaller scale parties and events can be an enormously stressful experience and there are lots of factors that come into play. Even having just a couple of friends over, hosting a Christmas dinner for the family or a drinks reception at your new house. Your PA will understand your family set up and the needs and requirements that will make for a successful event in the comfort of your own home.

Hiring a PA Especially for Events

You might not have a PA now, but if you know you have a big event coming up, or perhaps several, this might be a time to think of hiring one. PAs like this can be hired on a temporary basis, especially for the period of the event, making sure you can remain focused and get on with your busy diary whilst your temporary PA picks up everything that is needed to bring the event to successful fruition.

Depending on the size of the event and the length of time needed for the organisation, you can hire a temporary PA on a full-time or part-time basis, and even ad hoc when you just need a little extra help.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, select the right PA

You might already have a PA who you would like to take on the event(s) that are coming up. If you are looking to find or recruit a new PA, of to find a PA especially for the event, you can read more about what the different options for recruitment are HERE.

Organise a kick-off meeting

Whether you are tasking your current PA with the events, or if you have hired someone new for the role, make a clear brief for them to understand the event and requirements. Make time for a clear ‘kick-off’ meeting where you explain what the event should be, and give any pointers on ideas you have already had, or would like to see incorporated into the event.

Clear communication is key here, so the PA will know exactly what is expected. The more they know at the start, the more they can independently organise without having to double-check with you. If you would like the PA to present different options for themes and set up to you, make this clear in the meeting so they can get the creative process started.

Organise a check-in meeting

It is important to have this scheduled half way between the date of the kick-off meeting and the date of the event. You can choose to have several contact meetings if you prefer, but by getting these scheduled in the diary it means that feedback can be given and progress can be checked at set times, without the PA having to bother you when you are too busy.

Sit back and enjoy!

A great PA will take all your worries and stress away from you, so knowing you have a great PA means you can trust the process, take those worries and to do lists out of your head and enjoy attending your event stress-free.

At Polo & Tweed we love a good event! We, therefore, have excellent PAs on our books who are outstanding at party and event planning – as well as experienced PAs who can take it on as one of their tasks. Do get in touch with one of our recruitment team HERE to find out more about how you can find the right PA for your event, and we would be delighted to help you.

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