What Are Typical Tasks of a House Manager?

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Published on February 27, 2021

You may have already heard of the role of house manager. But do you know what typical tasks a house manager has to complete on a daily basis? Are you aware of the benefits of having a house manager for your home?

A house manager could be very beneficial to your family. As well as for anyone looking for someone to be in charge of the house. This is where a house manager differs from a butler or housekeeper. A house manager would be in charge of managing the household. They will either be the only member of staff in a small house. Or be in charge of other domestic staff working in the household.

What are the responsibilities of a house manager?

The role of a house manager differs from household to household. Clients will demand different requirements from their house manager. The responsibility that a house manager will always have is ensuring the smooth running of the house. And to make sure that everything is in order. A house manager will also be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property and land.

Greater Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a house manager are normally greater than that of a butler or housekeeper. There are some cases, often in smaller homes. Where the principal may combine these roles into one. Meaning there could be one employee doing the tasks of all three roles. In certain scenarios, domestic staff has been promoted to house management. But this is completely dependant on the household they are working in. 

Another common responsibility for a house manager is to supervise other members of staff in the household. This is to make sure that the work around the house is up to standard. And that it is being done in a timely manner. In most cases, the house manager would in charge of liaising with contractors. As well as managing the budgets of the house. And general administration tasks.

What tasks are commonly given to a house manager?

Staff training and management

One responsibility a house manager could have is supervising. They would supervise the other domestic staff working in the house. And to ensure that all jobs are being carried out effectively and efficiently. They may also be asked to train new members of staff. To help them fit into their new role on the property. Another task that could be delegated to the house manager is to interview and recruit new staff. As well as payroll. Finally, they may also be tasked with maintaining records for the principal so they can stay updated.

Financial tasks

In this role, a lot of the tasks will revolve around finance and budgeting. A house manager would be responsible for the maintenance of the property. To make travel or holiday arrangements. And to sort out entertainment for social events. The principal will most likely trust the house manager with the budget. But the principal would always normally have the final say on transactions. Keeping the house stocked with supplies and shopping are also common tasks for the house manager to complete. This is why having budgeting knowledge or having a history in finance would really be helpful to a house manager.

Administration and more general tasks

The main goal for the house manager is to ensure the household runs smoothly. They will also be in charge of the upkeep of the property and land owned by the principal making sure everything is in perfect condition. It will be their role to ensure that the house is secure at all times. To give their principal peace of mind. If there are social or family events being planned on the property the house manager would likely organise them. They would delegate tasks like scheduling entertainment. Greeting guests, serving food and drink. All to make the event goes according to plan. Depending on the household, the house manager may do other tasks too. Such as housekeeping and chauffeur duties. This needs to be agreed upon beforehand with the principal and the house manager.

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