Silver Service Training

Who is Silver Service training for?

Your most valued clientele know the difference between great Silver Service and standard service. It’s your job to ensure the highest quality of service. It’s our job to teach you how. If your service isn’t already impeccable, then our training program is for you.

The right training program is the difference between acceptable and exceptional. Where do you want to be?

Benefits of Silver Service Training

    Personal Guidance from Top Tier Trainers

    Impressive Skills You Won’t Forget

    Follow Through – Ensure Your Knowledge Stays Sharp

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What are our students saying about our silver service?

  • Funke I took part in the training as I want to set up and start running a staff training and recruitment service in Nigeria. I found Polo & Tweed via Google, the website was extremely informative and easy to navigate. I would recommend the training. I particularly enjoyed the Silver Service, Tray Service, Cocktail reception and how to serve food and drinks. The trainer was an expert and easy to understand. The course was well balanced, with good theory and practical application.
  • Richard As I work in the hospitality industry for all my professional career and having recently re-located to the UK, I wanted to hold the qualification to demonstrate that I was proficient in Silver Service. I was recommended the course by a previous student. I would be very likely to recommend it to my colleagues and friends as I enjoyed the training. Particularly the teamwork and practical applications made it very interesting. The trainer was very thorough and knowledgeable.
  • Joanne I am looking to work on yachts and therefore needed a Silver Service qualification. I found P&T via Google. I would very much recommend this training. It was good to have practice on the things we learnt during the training. The trainer was very good, he was relaxed and I felt I could ask questions, his knowledge was excellent and he gave handy tips throughout.
  • Katherine The course is a really great format, having interactive elements mixed with videos and practical sessions, the trainers knowledge was utterly brilliant, both incredibly knowledgeable, with very helpful feedback. Brilliant communication and very encouraging when you struggle. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt from such experienced trainers. It’s been utterly brilliant.
  • Roberta The course was easy to book, and I completed it to refresh my service knowledge. The training days were considerate and I would recommend this to a friend. The trainer has extensive knowledge of banquet, formal service and events, with good tips on problem solving.
  • Adrian I can highly recommend Polo & Tweed Silver Service training! I had a great time! Very professional Butler trainer he is ready to answer every question about service style etc. A beautiful venue. Well done!

About Our Silver Service Training

Our training outperforms traditional Silver Service training programs for two main reasons:

Personalised Training – Our trainers are the best in class. They are able to quickly assess where your skill levels are and provide you with the training you need to reach the level of service you want to be at.

Active Training – The focus of our training is giving a safe space to physically rehearse the skill set you desire. Building muscle memory in a technical service like this is more effective than simply studying the books. The knowledge and understanding of Silver Service etiquette is very important and we cover that too. But perfection and lasting results require finely tuned physical movement and repetition.

We have trained hundreds of students and we know everyone is different. Our trainers know how to adjust our course to fit your needs so you are always engaged and you are learning at the highest level possible.

Training Options

Private Silver Service Training

Private, one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn. One of the biggest benefits of private training is that our trainers come to you. Learning Silver Service in situ gives you the best opportunity to fine tune your skills in the exact place where you’ll be using them.

Private courses are customised to your exact needs so you can request specialised skill sets and learn at your own pace.

You can learn more about our Silver Service training course here

Group Silver Service Classes

Group classes provide an alternative the one-on-one training. To maintain quality we limit our class sizes to small groups, as we feel this allows students to learn most efficiently.

This three day intensive course is rigorous enough to turn a beginner into a qualified specialist and to sharpen the skills of a master.

You can learn more about our Silver Service training course here

Course dates

If the dates listed here don't work for you, please do give us a call as we can arrange private training around your specific requirements

About Our Trainers

We have strict requirements for our trainers because we want the absolute best for our students. Perfection comes with the territory – it is a core value for our students and thus must be a core value for our trainers. If you have special skill requests for your training, let us know and we’ll pair you with the best fit.  

Michal Fudali

Michal has over 23 years of experience in Silver Service. He personally served VIP guests including Royalty and Celebrities.  He has been teaching for the last 4 years. He teaches Silver Service, House Management, Butlering and Etiquette because it is his passion and he loves to see his students grow.

Alexandra Parker-Larkin

Alex has over 20 years of experience in working onboard Super Yachts and the luxury domestic service industry.  She has personally worked with VIP clients, HNW properties and luxury interiors. She teaches Housekeeping, House Management, Silver Service, Etiquette and all our training with passion and integrity, and she thrives on seeing her students develop and grow.

Silver Service Modules

Our training covers Silver Service from A-Z. For a full list of modules and an explanation of each, download our training modules.

Polo & Tweed Silver Service Training Modules