Are Traditional PA’s Disappearing?


Published on March 13, 2018

A traditional Personal Assistant can still supply the personal touch! Click To TweetIs the role of a PA changing? One thing is for sure, our society is rapidly changing. Modern day technology and globalisation has turned us into a non stop, 24 hour society where we are glued to our phones and laptops.

A traditional PA role might not be so relevant anymore, with all the online help and organisational tools that are out there.

So how can a modern day PA still be relevant?

PA tasks are changing.

Back in the day, before email, the heavy use of computers and the internet, PA’s were pretty vital in making sure diaries were managed, appointments didn’t clash and everyone was reminded of their schedule. However nowadays pretty much everyone will have a digital calendar set up on their phone and computers, sending automated reminders, along with instant notifications if there is a clash in appointments. A lot of paperwork prep has been taken away from PA’s now too, as everything will be online and through email; and people can check this whenever.

Will the PA disappear?

There are still plenty of old fashioned professionals who prefer their PA to handle all organisational tasks more traditionally, apart from technology: keeping actual, written down diaries; and filing lots of paperwork. They might not be as technically savvy and will need their PA to take over computer-related tasks. However, looking ahead 10, 20 years, will this work still be relevant? Will everyone be moving to virtual PA assistance, or just simply not need anyone to keep their lives organised anymore? Or perhaps people still will need the traditional PA’s touch, at least for fractions of their time. Potentially, a full time PA could be a thing of the past; a PA might start managing several people at once as time will allow for it.

How can the PA adapt to the modern world?

Looking at the argument above, it is likely that people will ‘self-manage’ more and more, and the PA will become slightly less relevant – if anything, tasks will be executed quicker and less time will be spent on endless filing and lengthy phone calls. This can be viewed as a positive though. It means more time will be freed up for the PA to focus on other tasks, and get a lot more work done.

The modern PA in the corporate environment.

With time being more efficiently used, we can see a bit of a shift from traditional PA duties in offices, to more executive assistant duties. PAs could get more involved in perhaps conducting research for the company, networking and more business related tasks. There might even be parallels to HR, looking at payroll and holiday bookings of a whole team, and overall becoming the PA for several people or a full team/office.

The modern PA in a private household.

This will be similar to the office environment, although as the PA will be able to be more time efficient when it comes to the organisational side of things, they can evolve into household managers: managing the other staff and contractors; staying on top of construction, refurbishments and house sales; researching any type of subject from good schools to new diets, extravagant parties and exciting unknown holiday destinations. They can also be in charge of payroll for the rest of the household team, and organise recruitment when needs be.

Why a PA will always be relevant?

In this ever changing, fast paced and heavily technology-based society, people might not realise it, but having human, face to face contact can be extremely important. There is a massive risk of ‘living our lives behind a screen’ and not getting out to actually speak to people anymore. Where everyone only communicates over email, and even finds receiving a phone call a shocking event, the need for a real life assistant will be of high value. Real contact is still best made face to face, real connections are made and networking will always be best in person. Do not underestimate the value of having a person near you who can help you out with all your tasks, even though much of it will be done online!

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