Different Types of Part Time Nannies and the Benefits

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Published on May 29, 2019

You may be experienced with nannies and the services they offer families, for others this is unchartered territories!  Often when mothers decide to go back to work, the nursery or school might not give them the full capacity to work the hours they need to.

There is an easy – and cost effective solution – hiring a part time nanny!

Here are different types of part time nannies – and how it can radically help make your life easier.

1. After School Nanny

This is a perfect solution for a family who can easily manage the morning routine, but need help with pick ups, giving the children their evening meal and  helping with bath and bed.  It’s also a great option for families wanting their children to have additional support with homework. They often use a nanny/tutor in this role for older children.  It gives the parents peace of mind that the children will be collected from school and that if delayed at work don’t need to rush home.

2. Weekend Nanny

A weekend nanny is becoming a very popular choice for families who have busy weekends, and multiple children requiring to be taken from activity.  Most parents turn into professional chauffeurs as their children get older! A weekend nanny means that the children can be taken to activities whilst allowing the parents to get some well earned rest!  It will also allow the parents to focus on different tasks and activities around their children without missing out!  A weekend nanny is a perfect solution for a busy family.

3. Part Time During Term, and Full Time During Holidays Nanny

A very popular choice with families! They work part time, mainly an after school position during the term, and then during the holidays when the children are home from school, the hours increase to full time.  An important element to remember for this type of role is the salary the family pay the nanny. It is often pro-rata across the entire year, to ensure the nanny gets a regular and stable income. Despite some hours being reduced during term. Ultimately they cannot take another part time position as they are needed full time during the school holidays.

4. Ad-hoc Part Time Nanny

For some families they don’t need regular visits from the nanny. But they do need someone they can call on, for babysitting or occasional cover if required.  Most families prefer to use a professional rather than a babysitting service. The standards and level of the professional will always be much higher.  Here a family can simply call their trusted nanny or agency to help with the ad-hoc work. The nanny will be reasonably flexible (when given enough notice) to help the family.  A great option for those needing less regular hours.


Regardless of the hours you need, or the demands of family life, a part time nanny can give you and your family a valuable source of stability and someone to rely on when life gets busy!  Polo & Tweed are experienced at matching the right part time nanny to the right family – and we would love to hear from you with what you need!  Get in touch with us here and one of our lovely consultants will be in touch with the next steps.

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