Polo & Tweed Mission

Polo & Tweed provide a specialist service in domestic staff recruitment and domestic staff training. Based in Mayfair, London, we work with a global network of clients in private homes, hotels, restaurants, chalets, and yachts.  We approach our services from a unique and fresh perspective. It’s not the bottom line that drives us, but the desire to satisfy and provide the very best service we can to our clients.

It might sound a bit cliché, but we would much prefer to keep a happy client for life.  Our ethos is what drives us, and makes Polo & Tweed one of the (in our opinion) friendliest and eager to please agencies.  Why not try us out and see for yourself?  We aim to reply to email/calls within 24 hours, and when you call us you won’t get through to an annoying call centre. Our receptionists are highly briefed and excel in customer care and interaction.  We love talking to both clients and candidates and believe that both are equally important.

About The Founder

Lucy Challenger is the CEO and founder of Polo & Tweed.  She has set up and founded a number of successful businesses throughout her career, and since 2012 has been working as a consultant in the domestic recruitment industry. After having her first child in June 2015, she took a well-earned break and later that year decided it was time to launch her own brand.  Polo & Tweed was born.  Lucy had become somewhat jaded about the general approach to domestic recruitment and training and felt that competition is always a good thing as it ensures that the service that is provided to candidates and clients alike is of the highest standard. She relishes the chance to show her clients, friends, and followers of her work around the world this exciting new brand which has a wealth of knowledge and long-standing within the industry.

Lucy records a successful podcast which focuses on industry experts and leading success stories – you can listen to the podcast here.

Lucy went on to handpick a number of team members to work at the company. She recruited the team carefully to ensure that they each provide and offer support and skills to the boutique business.



The Polo & Tweed Team



Head Trainer

Alexandra is a highly accomplished skilled trainer.  With a background working at sea onboard Super Yachts, Alex has worked for some of the most prestigious clients and families around the world.  She then went on to head training development and mentor staff, both on land and at sea.  She joined Polo & Tweed in 2018, and leads the training department with her specialised training skills.





Recruitment & Training Manager

Harry is a forthright, polite and highly accomplished gentleman.  Having grown up in West Berkshire, he attended two prestigious schools and completed his university degree, he then went on to work in many roles within the hospitality industry joining Polo & Tweed in 2024.  He is looking to build the company, developing client relationships and supporting the team with their daily duties.




Recruitment & Training Administrator

Jessica is a calm, discreet and well-mannered member of the Polo & Tweed team.  She joined Polo & Tweed from an educational background, and now uses her strengths to head up the social media and marketing of the company, whilst working daily on the recruitment and training tasks.  She always has a smile, and is always looking to go the extra mile for the clients and candidates she works with.





Peter joined Polo & Tweed in 2019, and works with us as a highly skilled and sought-after trainer.  He works for the company doing training development and projects which require multiple trainers.  He and Alexandra work closely together to review and update modules and training on the systems, and was an integral part of launching the online training in 2020.




Talent Manager

Nicola deals with media appearances and represents Lucy & the brand in the TV world.  She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the TV world.  She deals with all bookings and large scale media enquiries when is needed.




Website Designer

Kevin and his team work on the back end of the Polo & Tweed website, and provide tech support for the daily tasks on the website and CRM systems.  They also develop and update the website as needed and look to give new functions to the users on the system.






James and his team manage the company accounts.  He ensures that payroll, all company taxation and liabilities are correctly accounted for and also manages the work between our legal department with compliance and updates.






Mark is Polo & Tweed’s resident legal support.  He looks to update legal contracts, update our T&C and work to offer support when needed for any legal aspects the company requires.



Polo & Tweed was born to help our incredible clients around the world find their perfect staff, and for our wonderful candidates to secure the right fit in every job they work in. The bottom line is generally what pushes all businesses and we work hard in order to pay our staff and run our business.

But we are a big believer in philanthropy and pride our ‘green’ approach to life. We operate almost exclusively in the digital spectrum and try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Once our targets are met we donate regularly to charity and support local and worldwide causes around the world.

Here are some of the charities we support.