Hire A Temp Housekeeper for Your House Move

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Published on June 18, 2020

Going through a house move is an exciting time, but also an incredibly stressful time. You can hire a great moving company to help you with the logistics. But you should really hire a temp housekeeper too for your house move! Moving house is messy enough as it is, you don’t want to be spending so much time cleaning and organising too.

So why should you hire a temp housekeeper for your house move?

Pre Clean Your New House

Moving into your new house is such an exciting thing. So the last thing you want to be worrying about getting your new house set up clean and ready. Everything should be ready for the movers to put your stuff into. The worse that can happen is for you or your movers to arrive with trucks full of your furniture, only to find your new house actually could do with a deep clean.

Whether you are moving into a new rental house or are buying your new house, you want to make sure everything is clean, hygienic, and aired out.

This is where your temp housekeeper comes in. Temporary housekeepers are the experts at hitting the ground running. They are quick thinking, and even quicker in their work. Doing these kinds of jobs is exactly what temp housekeepers are good at. Your temp housekeeper will know exactly what types of things need to happen to make sure your new house is thoroughly and deeply cleaned, even in the most impossible corners!

You want your new house to have no traces of the previous owners. It should feel like a completely new, clean slate for you to start your new life in. Ensure this is the case, by hiring a great temp housekeeper who will get your new house sparkling clean for you to start your new life in.

Post House Move Clean

Something you might not want to think about, but cleaning your house that you are leaving is important too. In many cases, it will even be part of the agreement or contract. Moving is a messy business. And with many people coming in and out of your house during the move, you want to make sure it is left in a decent state. So hire your temp housekeeper to sort all of the moving mess out for you, so you can focus on the real important fact of enjoying your new house!

A temp housekeeper is highly experienced and skilled to deal with even the toughest cleaning and hygiene challenges. They can sort out stains that seemed impossible to remove, make carpets look like new again and give the house a fresh feel again. Your temp housekeeper will work efficiently within your time to make sure the work is done when you are ready to hand over the keys.

Design & Finishing Touches

Did you know that a housekeeper is so much more than a cleaner? And this is going to be of great importance when you hire a temp housekeeper for your house move! Use your temp housekeeper to really transform your new house into your home.

Housekeepers have outstanding eyes for detail and know all the finishing touches it will take to make your house feel like a comfortable, stylish, and homely space.

They will be able to help with styling and design, work with colour, spaces, flowers and plants to transform spaces. They can add a relaxing atmosphere by adding suitable candles and any other finishing touches to really instantly transform your place. So besides the fact that you know your house, furniture and personal items will be outstandingly clean. You will also have a fully styled house to get comfortable in.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Would you like to hire a temp housekeeper to help with your next house move? Why not give our highly experienced recruitment consultants a call now! We have temp housekeepers available all over the world who would be ready to help, making sure we find the perfect match for you. We will help you with the whole process, so contact us now to make your next house move a clean and mess-free one.



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