How to Manage your Housekeeper

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Published on August 14, 2019

Employing a housekeeper and want to ensure a good working relationship? Here are some top tips on how to successfully manage your housekeeper. Click To TweetWith more and more individuals, couples and families hiring housekeepers, the lines between employer and employee often become blurred.  It is a comment often made to us, that because the housekeeper is working in a private home, that employment law, rights and standards are not clearly defined.

How you manage your housekeeper, will in turn have a huge impact on their retention (how long they stay working for you), and their overall productivity.  A happy member of staff gives better results and a more positive working environment for all.  After all the housekeeper is in your home, and you’ll sleep easy knowing they want to be there to help make your home look wonderful!

What are the top tips for managing your housekeeper – and why is it important?

Why do you need to manage your housekeeper?

You don’t need to micro-manage – but you do have to have an element of management.  From establishing when the housekeeper should arrive, an over-view of the tasks and desired results, and their finish time.  Expectations outside of the housekeeping duties, for example pet care, childcare or cooking.  Flexibility to assist with out of hours help, such as babysitting or weekend work.  The more you, as the home owner have established your expectations and set clear management tasks/boundaries, the more your member of staff will respect you, and also do the job that needs doing!

But what is the correct way to manage?  What faux pas should you avoid?

How to manage a housekeeper?

The golden rule is treat others how you would want to be treated.  This respect is invaluable to a long-standing relationship between the home owner and the housekeeper.  Other great ways to include in your management are:

  • Being generous with the pay and salary to reflect true market and global rates
  • Making sure you pay on time, with no delays
  • Connect with the housekeeper on a personal level, ask after their family and social activities – it can be small talk, but it shows you care!
  • Ensure that the breaks they work are paid, regardless of if the housekeeper is employed or self employed.
  • Always say please and thank you.  You can be direct, but always be polite.
  • When giving compliments be genuine.  Remember we often default to criticism, so be quick to compliment and reward with your language.
  • In turn recognize good work and reward with bonuses or time off in lieu
  • Use a rota/schedule to clearly show time management and how you expect the property to be managed
  • Be clear from the start with additional expectations outside the role, and if you require out of hours, make sure this is defined from the start of their work for you so it doesn’t come as a surprise.
  • Provide them with contact information for your go-to contractors, handymen or other helpful contacts, so that they can call them directly should any problems crop up, rather than having to call you.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Most of the things you shouldn’t do – or faux pas, come with common sense, however it is always worth pointing out some big no no’s which can help ensure that your housekeeper feels happy, and stays for many years to come!  These include:
  • Hiring the right housekeeper! You’d be surprised how many people hire the wrong housekeeper and this can cause no end of issues.  Take your time with the recruitment process, interview, vet and trial the housekeeper before you hire them!  This way you’ll end up with the right person in your home.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations.  Regardless of if the housekeeper works full time, or if they live in, the housekeeper deserves the respect and time to have their own life, time off and breaks.
  • Don’t speak inappropriately.  Yes the housekeeper is in your home, and you might not always be in a good mood – but direct your frustrations to another direction – don’t take out anything on your housekeeper.

How could Polo & Tweed help?

Polo & Tweed can help you by finding the best suited housekeeper for your property. This is when the magic truly happens, as a great housekeeper will mean your home, and other areas will be well looked after.  We recruit for all members of staff, including live in housekeepers, live out housekeepers, part time housekeepers and housekeeper/nannies.

We’d love to know your search requirements so we can help you find the perfect housekeeper for your home.  Get in touch with us here and one of our lovely consultants will be in touch with the next steps.

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