Day in the Life of a Live Out Housekeeper


Published on July 14, 2020

Are you looking into hiring a Live Out Housekeeper for your family or household? But are you unclear about all the things a Live Out Housekeeper would do? And what it would look like to have a Housekeeper in your house? What do they do, what is a day in the life of a live Out Housekeeper, and why are they such a popular option for so many households?

Here is an overview of a typical day in the life of a live out Housekeeper.

Commute to Work

Your live out Housekeeper will start the day by commuting to work – your property. A live out Housekeeper does not live in the property with you, so they will arrive at the agreed time to start their working day.

Depending on your household’s set up and requirements, it can differ when the Housekeeper would start their day. make sure you understand what you need from a housekeeper, and when you would need the most help. So you can make sure their schedule and daily planning are lined up with that.

Morning Routine

If you have children, you might want to have the Housekeeper help out with the busy morning routine. A Housekeeper can arrive as early as 6pm to help with getting the children up, and ready for the day. This can include making breakfast for the kids, washing, and feeding. Packing any bags and getting them ready for school or nursery.

If there are no children, or if you do not need any help with this, the live out Housekeeper will have a different morning focus. They can still prepare breakfast, pack lunches, and make the kitchen and breakfast room are clean and ready to be used. It is quite normal that a Housekeepers starts even before the family is fully up and around, as they need to make sure breakfast is prepared and that they are ready for the day.

School & Nursery Drop Off

When working in a household with children, it is quite formal for the live out Housekeeper to either assist with, or do the school and nursery run. There might be different children having to go to different schools all at the same time. So having your live out Houskeeper offering a helping hand there can be really helpful. And it can make a big difference to an otherwise very stressful morning!

Tidy Up from the Morning Routine

Depening on what time your live out Housekeeper will start the day, will depend on their morning work. If they arrive after breakfast and the early morning rush, their main task will be to clear up everything from that. If they, however, arrive before breakfast, they will make sure that the breakfast and kitchen area will be clean and ready to be used.

Whatever time they start, your live out Housekeeper is there to make the day run smoothly. The live out Housekeeper will make sure that all breakfast items have been cleared away. As well as ensuring the bedrooms are tidy and in order. The live out Housekeeper will go around the bedrooms to make the beds, air the rooms out. If more cleaning in the bedrooms is needed, that will happen later in the day.

Daily Activities

A day in the life of a life out Housekeeper can be extremely varied. And again it really depends on the type of household. If there will be children at home, the live out Housekeeper might spend part of their day caring for them. If shopping and cooking is part of the tasks, the Houskeeper will spend a fair amount of time each day doing this. And prepping food.

But equally so, the main focus might be on the cleaning and upkeep of the whole house. The Housekeeper will have a schedule of all the tasks that need doing. Whether it is deep cleaning of certain rooms, laundry and dry cleaning visits, or washing of all the windows. The schedule will make sure that the Houskeeper does not miss any tasks, that they can work efficiently and get the jobs done. So that at the end of the day or working week, everything is kept up to the highest standard!

Evening Routine

Evening routines can again differ per household. Depending on how long your live out Housekeeper will work on that day, they might have already left by the evening.

If there are kids, and the Housekeeper is helping with that, chances are there are school pick-ups, dinner, and bedtime to assist with. Or, your Housekeeper might be a great cook – and hey will help with food prep for the evening dinner, or evening cooking it. Depending on what time the Housekeeper finishes work for the day, there might even be time for them to tidy up the kitchen and dining room after dinner too. If they will have already left buy then, they will clean this as part of their morning routine.

So that is a typical day in the life of a live out Housekeeper! If you are looking for a live out Housekeeper to help make your family life and routine run more smoothly we would be delighted to assist. Our highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect Housekeeper for you and your household.  Get in touch with us here or give us a call on +44(0)203 858 0233

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