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Domestic Staff Recruitment and Training Consultancy Specialists in London

Lucy Challenger, CEO and founder of Polo & Tweed is highly skilled at diagnosing, observing and building detailed reports for large properties, venues and hotels that face challenges with their staff and estate.

Our highly bespoke, personalized consultancy will give you access to Lucy, her head trainer and the Polo & Tweed staff, to ensure that you will have complete satisfaction with the desired outcome. Tell us what your needs are and we will fix all the problems

  • Truly Understanding Your Needs – Our detailed consultancy means that we truly get to the heart of the issues, and then devise detailed reports, recruitment and or training support as required by the estate.
  • Personal Connection – You will have support directly from Lucy and her head trainer, every step of the process.
  • Experts – Lucy and her head trainer are world-famous for their niche skillset and ability to fix the problems faced.
  • Quality Guarantee – We are unrivaled in our success stories and ability to make dramatic and positive changes.

Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Fixer

    Access to Lucy Challenger and her Head Trainer throughout the Consultancy

    Detailed In-person Support and On Site Visits

    Existing Staff Observation and Training

    New Staff Recruitment and Adjustment of Household Hierarchy

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What are our clients saying about us?

  • Sarah I was completely blown away by the service and support I received from Lucy and her team. I've had countless issues with my household staff over the years, and I was pulling my hair out (and losing the will the live), I wish I had found Lucy sooner! The entire process was incredible and the changes in my household are outstanding. Thank you so much!
  • John I had worked with multiple agencies over the years for household recruitment, however the staff turnover was higher than I wanted. Lucy and her team conducted multiple site visits in which they were able to identify the key issues, and then devised training and recruitment plans to specifically suit our needs. I was extremely impressed and continue to work with Lucy and her team going forwad.
  • Peter I have a large property portfolio and had been looking for a specialist to observe and report back areas in which we could improve staff happiness and productivity. Lucy and her team have been a pleasure to deal with - and despite me being on completely different time zones each week, they were flexible and adjusted according to my specific requirements.
  • Hazima I have always been unsure about running my household staff, I married into wealth, and it did not come naturally for me to run my estate. Lucy has been incredible - she has taught me how to run my estate, and given me confidence in my own choices. She has helped recruit the correct staff and put a strong household hierarchy in place. She has given additional training to existing staff who were lacking in skill sets. Lucy has changed my life - and that's not an overstatement!
  • Faith Traditionally, I have always had a strong structure in my household and household staff, however with the markets changing, I wanted to ensure that my staff were happy, and that any new staff joining the households were working efficiently and in line with our household approach. Lucy was able to bridge the gap between principal (myself) and my employees - she made everyone comfortable, but also was able to discuss sensitive areas with my staff which otherwise have been left unsaid. She continues to support me and my staff, and her lovely Head Trainer Alex leads regular training sessions for my staff. Thank you so much.
  • Leonardo I really didn't know what the issues were, but I knew there were issues. I discovered Lucy through a friend who had used her services, and I wanted to have complete access to Lucy's expertise and speciality. I have no reservations in recommending her consultancy services which are worth every penny to get the job done. I had a great deal of anxiety prior to working with Lucy, and now the issues are dealt with head on, and I can rely on her and her team to fix the problems.

Consultancy Services