How To Hire a Housekeeper Online


Published on August 18, 2020

Do you know how to hire a Housekeeper online? In these every changing times, it might be something you will have to consider at some stage. And although maybe not all of the recruitment will fully happen online. It is still helpful to know what things you should consider and think about.

So, how do you hire a Housekeeper online?

Clear Job Spec

To start your search for a Housekeeper online, make sure you know exactly what you want your new Housekeeper to do. Especially if the initial search will be online, the job spec is the first thing candidates will get to see.

So this needs to be clear! Make sure you initially list for yourself what you really want from a Housekeeper. How many days you want them to work for you. What sort of times. Make a clear list of all the tasks that need doing.

In a job spec, the more details you can give, the better. Add an introduction to your household and maybe your family. Do you have any pets? Do you travel lots? Do you host lots of parties? Do you love home-cooked food, potentially made by your new Housekeeper?

All these things are important to mention in a job spec. It will give the Housekeeper a great idea of what the job could be like. And also an understanding if the job might be right for them.

So don’t make it sound easier than it is. Be clear in your expectation and the tasks that need to be done. Only when you make it realistic, will you attract the right people.

Online Interviews: The Phone Call

One of to things to know in how to hire a housekeeper online, is not (initially) doing face to face meetings. This can be a strange thing to get used to, especially if you are normally not used to doing this.

If you are uncomfortable or not too sure, schedule a round of telephone calls in for the first introductions. It can feel less pressurised for both you and the potential Housekeeper.

Set a couple of rules for the phone call. Be clear about the time limit. For exampl0, 20 minutes per call. Also, make sure you are in an area with good reception and have your phone charged.

Finally, it might be helpful to have headphones plugged into your phone to have the conversation. It will allow you to have to conversation hands-free – so you can make notes. And, instead of putting someone on speakerphone, they will probably be able to hear you better too. And you them.

Online Interviews: The Video Call

Doing an online interview over video call is also something that can feel rather strange, at first. But as with some many things, practise makes perfect and as long as you are prepared, it can be a really effective way to conduct interviews.

If you have had a phone interview already, then the video interview is really a way of getting to know someone a little better. Getting to see someone can make all the difference in understand what they are like.

Doing an interview process with a new Housekeeper, face to face or online is about understanding the personality match. Especially at this stage. Your CV selected from your job spec will set up the right candidates who are suited for the job. Your phone interview will have already given you ideas on whether they would be suited. So this is a more in-depth call.

Video Call Setup

For a video call, there are several things you want to think about to get the most out of it.

  • Good internet connection.
    • Nothing worse than having a call break up halfway through the chat. You can test an area to make sure it connects well.
  • Have the right programme installed.
    • Video calls can happen on many different platforms nowadays, such as Zoom and Skype. Pick one you are most comfortable with so you know how to navigate it before and during the call.
  • Neutral background
    • As this will be a video call, it is probably best to pick a neutral background for the Housekeeper to see. Make sure you don’t have anything insight that you don’t want to be shown either. So be mindful of privacy.
  • Consider a headset or earphones.
    • Similarly to phone interviews, make sure the audio is set up well. It might be best to use a headset. To have the best audio for you to be heard clearly. But also for you to hear the Housekeeper best!

Use An Agency

It can be challenging to navigate the online recruitment waters if you are not familiar with it. This is where an agency can really help.

The right agencies will be very experienced in handling applications from people overseas, for example. So they will have all the right tools and setups for hiring a Housekeeper online.

They will be able to guide you through the process. Set up interviews, calls and video calls for you. Give you guidelines on how to prepare best, and ask the right questions.

A good agency will also do most of the leg work for you. they will check references and vet candidates. So that the Housekeepers that you will be interviewing online, will be suited for the job role. So that all you have to worry about is whether you like the person or not!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help

Do you now know how to hire a Housekeeper online? We can help! Polo & Tweed are highly experienced with setting up and running a whole recruitment procedure online. With specialist consultants and many years’ experience, we will be able to find you the best possible options for you and your household. Do contact Polo & Tweed now. And we look forward to guiding you through the process of finding a new Housekeeper, smoothly.


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