Is Your House Suited For a Live In Housekeeper?

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Published on March 8, 2021

Are you considering hiring a live in housekeeper but not sure if your house is suited for one? Do you know what you should provide for a live in housekeeper?

What Is A Live In Housekeeper?

Firstly, it is important to make sure that you are aware of what a live in housekeeper is, so you can decide if it is the right fit for you and your family. So a live in housekeeper lives in the property or on the property grounds (perhaps a separate annexe or building). Having someone staying on the process cuts away a lot of issues. Issues like travel time and having to work to a tight schedule are avoided. However, having a live in housekeeper does mean that there are some things that need to be in place to accommodate them.

So it is very important to make sure that your house would benefit more from having a live in housekeeper. Other options could be better options if you wanted more privacy. However, if you have decided to hire a live in housekeeper it is important to be prepared. Obviously, the housekeeper will need somewhere to stay. And may even require additional packages. These packages could be access to a car or a TV, for example.

Provide Accommodation

As the housekeeper will be staying in the house, you have to be prepared to accommodate them. Privacy is a very important factor to consider, for both you and your housekeeper. They should at least be given their own bathroom or en suite. Make sure you have a suitable spare room, with access to a bathroom, that can be turned into a suitable bedroom. 

Layout of the house

The location of the bedroom is also very important. If possible it is probably best to try and separate the family sleeping area from the housekeepers. If this is a large property you could ensure the rooms are on opposite sides of the property. Or many people make a designated bedroom in the loft or basement of the house. This is to ensure that both you, your family and the housekeeper all have privacy. Separating the evening routines will give you and your family private time. This also gives the housekeeper privacy after they finish work to unwind and relax.

Layout of the accommodation

The bedroom itself should include a few basics such as a bed, closet, table or chair and at least one window. This way the housekeeper has acceptable living standards and a suitable place to stay. If possible the room should also have an ensuite or a bathroom to use near the room. This will also give everyone in the household privacy. Depending on the property, some families can also provide a kitchen area for the housekeeper to use. This is another way of getting privacy, as the housekeeper would not have to use the family kitchen for their own cooking.

Meals and cooking

As mentioned above the housekeeper should have access to a cooking area, so they can prepare food for themselves. This is where having a lack of organisation can mean a loss of privacy for both parties. If you plan to share your kitchen with the housekeeper, working out a schedule could be the best way to avoid any issues.

Breaks and days off

The UK law says that any person who is working 6 or more hours a day, is entitled to a 20-minute break. They will also have the right to an uninterrupted 24 hour period of rest every week. So if privacy is a big factor for you and your family. Then you need to ensure that the housekeeper has a place to stay during this time.

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