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Published on January 31, 2020

Don't take shortcuts when hiring a nanny housekeeper. Use an agency to find the best candidate to provide you with excellent childcare and housekeeping. Click To TweetIf you’re looking for the ultimate housekeeping and childcare solution, a nanny housekeeper agency covers both of these needs.  It’s a one-stop solution for a busy family, especially those with older children attending school full time.

So what is a nanny housekeeper agency? How should you look to use one to aid you in your search?

What is a Nanny Housekeeper Agency?

A nanny housekeeper agency will help you recruit someone that can do both childcare and housework – combining the duties that a nanny will typically do as well as those of a housekeeper.

The agency should assess your needs to match the ideal candidate with your family’s specific needs, which may focus more on the childcare, or more on the housework, or it could be a 50/50 split.

The nanny housekeeper agency should give you complete peace of mind that the person coming into your home will offer you security and safety for your loved ones while taking excellent care of your household. You may also need help with pet care.

Your nanny housekeeper agency should provide you with a fully vetted, legal candidate to work in your home. Recruitment can be a stressful process.  Your nanny housekeeper agency will eliminate that stress.

How can a nanny housekeeper agency help you find a proper nanny housekeeper?

There are many ways you can recruit the perfect candidate. You can self-recruit through gumtree or other recruitment platforms such as Indeed.  But these are always going to yield a high volume or poor-quality candidates, and you’ll have to sift through the applications, vet the candidates and ensure that they match your needs. Hiring unvetted candidates is also risky; something you should avoid exposing your family to.

Using a nanny housekeeper agency reduces that risk, giving you peace of mind. Each agency has its own approach to vetting candidates, so ask your  consultant about their specific strategy.

Your nanny housekeeper agency will help with the entire process, including giving advice about contracts and pay roll services.  For example, we recommend staff tax to conduct pay roll for any domestic staff – and we offer our clients a discounted referral to them.

How can P&T help?

Polo & Tweed work worldwide with families and parents looking for the ideal nanny housekeeper. We are based in the heart of Mayfair and provide our clients with an extensive vetting and registration processes to ensure they are introduced to the most suitable candidates.  If you would like to find out more about the recruitment services we offer please get in touch with us here.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect nanny housekeeper.  

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