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  • Truly Understanding Your Needs – We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs so we know exactly what criteria to filter for.
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  • Quality Guarantee – We guarantee all of our placements for an entire year.

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Benefits of Hiring a Maternity Nurse with P&T

    1 Year Agency Guarantee for Complete Peace of Mind

    Highly Vetted Candidates

    Fully Referenced Checked

    Detailed Matching Service for Candidate to Client

    Complimentary DBS Processed

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  • Amanda C. The service Polo & Tweed provided was excellent. I was supported in finding someone who was the right fit for my situation. They also took the headache out of agreeing hours, contracts and pay.
  • Julien F. The team is very efficient and experienced, their dedication to understanding the client need combined with a large network of candidates, will make the overall process hassle-free.
  • Therese P. They are quick, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful. They are consumer oriented and understand the customers’ needs which often is not the case with other agencies.
  • Bijal S. They found me a part time housekeeper quickly, efficiently, with a great vetting system. Great team, great communication.
  • Summer C. I have worked with numerous agencies over the years, but Polo & Tweed have provide me with unparalleled service.
  • Rachael D. I can highly recommend Polo and Tweed and am very grateful for all of their help.

How P&T classify our Maternity Nurses - Salary Guidelines

As these tend to be short term placements (between 3 months to 6 months), the salaries are calculated on a day rate.  (If you are requiring long term support then consider hiring a Maternity Nanny)  The below day rates are reflective of 24 hour of care.

All our Maternity Nurses are qualified and experienced candidates.  However, we do have entry level/mid-level Maternity Nurses on our books. These are candidates who have a background in childcare and are transitioning into specialising in this area.  

Entry-Level Maternity Nurse 

£280-350 gross per day (single baby) and £350-400 gross per day (multiple babies)

For only day or only night bookings expect to pay between £35 – 45 gross per hour.

Mid-Level Maternity Nurse 

£350-400 gross per day (single baby) and £400-500 gross per day (multiple babies)

For only day or only night bookings expect to pay between £46 – 55 gross per hour.

High-Level Maternity Nurse 

£400+ gross per day (single baby) and £500+ gross per day (multiple babies)

For only day or only night bookings expect to pay between £56+ gross per hour.

What you would need to consider

Type of Support – Days, Nights or 24 hours

Different Maternity Nurses will provide different levels of support.  Some provide daytime support (12 hours), and others provide only night support.  Most provide 24 hour support, where the Maternity Nurse will work for 24 hours (with a few hours off each day to catch up on sleep from the night before).

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Maternity Nurses will live in the house during their hours of support.  When they are ‘off-duty’ or resting you must provide them with their own space and room in order to relax.

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It is typical to provide food to your maternity nurse when they are in your employ.  If you travel/take them out with you it is customary to cover all their additional expenses and food.

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About Our Maternity Nurses

We place candidates from entry level all the way to the most experienced and specialised maternity nurses in the world.

No request is too specialised for us to fulfil. We have over 10,000 registered candidates in our own database and we partner with recruitment services around the world.

If there is a maternity nurse out there that fits your requirements we will find them.


Maternity Nurses Seeking Placement

Here are a few examples of maternity nurses on our books. Contact us today to tell us your requirements and will start your search immediately.


Justine is a top maternity nurse and maternity nanny who has worked with newborns over her impressive career to date.  Warm, discreet and hugely knowledgeable in her ability to care and look after infants.


Kimberley has been working in the childcare industry for the last 20 years.  She is highly qualified maternity nurse, and provides the highest level of support for the many families she works with.


Helen is a highly qualified maternity nurse who has worked with new born babies and multiple babies over her impressive career.  She is flexible, discreet and has a fabulous personality.



Judith is a maternity nurse who has worked around the world, providing a high level of flexible and adaptive support for the families she works for.  She has given detailed support in complex cases.