Hire a Domestic Couple To Maintain Your Grounds


Published on September 3, 2020

Do you know you can hire a Domestic Couple to maintain your grounds? If you have a property with a sizeable piece of land, or gardens, around it. It can be an excellent decision to make. A Domestic Couple comes with so many great benefits and can be a really great addition to any private household or estate.

So why should you hire a Domestic Couple to maintain your grounds?

What Is A Domestic Couple

A Domestic Couple is two people who come as one hiring option, for a domestic or private household. This can be anything from a family home to a large estate. The two people part of the Domestic Couple  can be an actual couple in a relationship or marriage. But it can also be two people who are very close and work well together. Such as extremely close friends or family, perhaps a brother and sister, or two cousins. The options are quite endless.

Whatever way the Domestic Couple is set up as it is two people who are extremely familiar with each other and have chosen to work together. And the reason why they can be so popular is that you will likely get two, if not more, sets of skills whilst hiring one couple.

The couple will have generally spent many years together and work extremely well as a team. They really do complement each other. Great domestic couples are top of the range when it comes to domestic staff. It is quite usual too for them to stay on for many years once they find the right employer.

Gardening & Grounds Work

Many Domestic Couples have one of the two specialised in gardening and grounds maintenance. The other half of the couple might be a skilled housekeeper or nanny. And the other half could be a highly experienced gardener, grounds person and handyman.

So if you have a decent sized garden or grounds that need maintenance, as well as other domestic tasks that need doing. A Domestic Couple is an excellent choice. They will work very well together. Whilst one of the couple will make sure that the interior – the house – is running smoothly. The other part of teh couple will take responsibility for all the outside and outdoor tasks.

This could be anything from gardening. Clearing up and maintaining the grounds. Maintaining outbuildings on the grounds. Making sure all gardening machinery is kept up to date, cleaning and working. Outdoor painting. Putting in and installing outdoor lighting and electrics. Operating heavy machinery where needed. Taking care of any animals on the grounds.

The options are endless!

But if you are looking for a combo role. Someone to help with housekeeping, or even cooking. As well as having grounds to look after, or a great garden to maintain. Then do consider a Domestic Couple. It is much more straightforward and much less of a hassle. Instead of finding and hiring two separate people.

It’s much easier, with many more benefits!

Salary of A Domestic Couple

As with any job role and salary level, you really do get what you pay for. So if you are looking for a Domestic Couple of lots of high-end skills, you will pay a premium. This could be them, or one of them, speaking a specific extra language. Or maybe one of them comes with specific education or qualification you are after. or they might have got many years of experience.

Make sure you know what your budget is, and what you can afford. Just because you are hiring them as a couple, does not mean you are paying a single person salary!

In most cases, you will pay the couple one set salary – but this is calculated as two people doing work for you. A Domestic Couple is therefore not a ‘cheap quick fix’ to get two members of staff for the price of one.

You will, however, get an extremely well-oiled machine. Two people who are extremely in tune with one another and who compliment each others skills and work seamlessly. Which is worth the investment.

The below gives a rough indication of UK based Domestic Couples, live in. Rates may differ per country.

Entry-level/Less experienced –  2-4 years of experience

Expect a salary of £433-660 gross a week live in and £510-740 gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary range from £22,000 gross to £38,000 gross.

Mid-level/More experienced – 4-8 years of experience

Expect a salary of £660-900 gross a week live in and £740-1300 gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary from £33,000 gross to £67,000 gross per year.

High level/Very experienced – 8+ years of experience 

Expect a salary of £900+ gross a week live in and £1300+ gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary from £68,000+ gross upwards.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you want to hire a Domestic Couple to maintain your grounds? Polo & Tweed can help! We have an outstanding selection of Domestic Couples, of all different backgrounds on our books for households all over the world. Please give us a call on 0203 858 0233, or contact us via our website to discuss your household needs!



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    We are looking for a domestic couple in approximately 1 year. Willing to provide a home on the property for the right fit.

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