When Should You Fire Your Gardener?


Published on October 22, 2020

Are you considering to fire your gardener? But are not sure if it is the right thing to do? It can be really difficult to let go of any member of staff. Especially if you have built up a relationship with them. But before you fire your gardener, make sure you know when you should. And what steps you should take, to do it in the right way.

If you fire your gardener, make sure you do it right. Here is how.

Why Fire Your Gardener

Firstly, it is important that you are really clear about why you want to, or should, fire your gardener. It should not be a decision you make lightly. Your gardener might have no idea it is coming. They might rely on this job as their sole income. Making someone redundant can have a big impact on their lives. So you owe it to them, and yourself, to make sure you are making the right decision.

Whatever the reason may be you want to fire your gardener, make sure you have thought it true. In these situations, it is always helpful to get another opinion. Someone who might look at it from a slightly different point of view. They might see things you have missed, for example. So consider consulting someone else about it. Perhaps another member of the family who knows the gardener too. You just want to make sure that there are no regrets or negative feelings at the end of the process.

So what could be reasons to fire your gardener?

Personal Situation

Personal situations can change. You might have a great gardener, and you are very happy with the work that they do. but if you find yourself in a different financial situation, you might not be able to afford their salary anymore. Or perhaps you are moving to a different place and they cannot come with you. Or your new outside space does not require a gardener anymore.

All these reasons are very valid reasons to let someone go. Just know that there might be other options too. Financially, it might be an option for your gardener to work part-time instead of full-time. They might even be happy with freelance ad hoc work. If your reason for firing might be one of the above, really do consider the options. And be open and honest with your gardener about it. They might well be able to offer you a solution you had not thought about yet!

Skills and Performance

If your personal situation has not changed, there might be other reasons to fire your gardener.

Do you feel they are lacking the skills to do the job, or are not performing the tasks in a way you want them to be done? This is something to be taken seriously. If you are paying someone to do a certain role, it should be executed well.

Having said that, there might be many different factors at play here. So before you jump to conclusions and fire your gardener, there are other things you need to do.

If you are not happy with the level of work your gardener is providing, you need to first and foremost request a conversation with them. Make a list of all the things you are not happy with. And give them a chance to process that information, but also a chance to explain, and potentially change the way they work. They might have had no idea you were unhappy and that they were doing a great job! And perhaps the gardening machinery is old or requires updating, which is stopping them from working quickly or efficiently. All things to bear in mind.

So this is your first step, have the conversation and see if you can resolve the issues. Give your gardener at least several weeks to show they can improve. And update any equipment they may have mentioned. But if after this time period you are still seeing no improvements whatsoever, then it might just be that the gardener is not the right match for your household and the work required. At that stage, letting someone go might be the best for all parties involved.

Illegal Activity

This probably requires very little explanation. If you indeed find your gardener doing any form of illegal activities in your working hours, has shown up to work under the influence or has put you or any of your household in danger, you can have grounds for immediate dismissal.

How To Fire Your Gardener

Making anyone redundant can be a very challenging thing to do, and should never be taken lightly. Knowing you have made the right decision by making this person redundant is one thing. Doing it in the correct way is another. Firstly you want to make sure that legally you are taking all the right steps. This UK Government website page can help you along a lot already.

So what is the best way to fire your gardener?

  1. Plan A Staged Approach
    Meaning that, before you would get to the firing stage – you have a sit down with your gardener and discuss anything you are unhappy with. Give them an opportunity to improve. (This does not count for ‘illegal activity’ as mentioned above).
  2. Stick To Face To Face (where possible)
    Keep communication very clear. Sending an email or making a phone call with potentially devastating news for your gardener, is not professional. Make sure to schedule in the time to have a sit-down meeting with them, where you can argue your case and explain why you have made the decision you have.
  3. Don’t Get Emptional
    Firing someone can be an emotional and challenging thing to do, and emotions can run high during the conversation. Even if you are letting someone go because of negative reasons, try to keep the conversation polite and friendly. Sympathise, acknowledge this is a difficult thing for them to hear and that you are sorry in having to do this. Even though the end result will be the same, there is no need to make it more negative than it is and everyone will feel better for it.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

So if you have decided to fire your gardener  – Polo & Tweed can help you find a new, much better-suited gardener. We are leading experts in finding the best gardener for you and your household. We have a very selective and thorough recruitment process making sure only the best possible matches will be selected for you. Let us help you in the search and take all the stress out of it!

Do get in touch with us here and one of our recruitment consultants can talk you through what we can do for you.

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