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Published on November 1, 2015

Welcome to our first ever blog! Polo & Tweed are a luxury domestic recruitment agency and training provider based in the heart of Mayfair.  We specialise in staff recruitment and luxury staff training, from Silver Service through to House & Yacht Management and Housekeeping.

We are very excited to be live and sharing our thoughts and musings with the world.  So why not bookmark our page and visit us regularly to read the latest insights from the recruitment world?  We promise to share all our latest news and lots of tips and hints on getting your dream job.

Polo & Tweed was founded in November 2015 by entrepreneur and self-made business woman, Lucy Challenger.  Working since 2012 in the domestic industry and training industry, in conclusion she is an expert!  Over the years she become disheartened with the way the domestic recruitment industry performed.  In early 2015 Lucy gave birth to her son and she felt it was time to launch her own business in the domestic recruitment industry.  Lucy Challenger wanted to provide a specialist service in domestic staff recruitment and domestic staff training.

She located an office in Mayfair, and her first office was in Berkley Square.  Lucy recruited a small and efficient team to work for her in the office, who Lucy could train and help follow her vision.  The domestic recruitment company quickly grew from strength to strength, because many of the clients and candidates who she had come into contact in her previous consulting roles knew her passion and integrity for the industry.

Company Progression

Two years later, she moved office to Green Park House, which is also based in Mayfair, London.  So the domestic recruitment company continued to thrive and grow, and specialises with working with a global network of clients in private homes, hotels, restaurants, chalets and yachts.  The domestic recruitment company approach the services from a unique and fresh perspective. However, it’s not the bottom line that drives the company, in addition the desire to satisfy and provide the very best service.

Alongside this, Lucy drove the development of the training department, because she herself has come from a training and tuition background. She believes that you can enable individuals to have control over their own careers by continuing their education.  Now the company runs group training and private training – where they can create tailor-made training to suit the needs of specific households and estates.  Now Lucy, has been awarded many accolades within the recruitment industry, some which can be seen here and here.

Polo & Tweed provide services in:

Our domestic recruitment and training office is based in Mayfair, and you can find all our contact details here.  If you are looking for a new member of staff, or just need advice.  Perhaps you are looking to undertake training or find training for your staff – we’d love to hear from you.  Our team of dedicated and personal domestic recruitment consultants, led by Lucy at the helm of the ship, are here to give you the confidence and support you need.

Polo & Tweed have gone from strength to strength, and now have many reviews and awards.  You can check out some of the awards we have been awarded here.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your domestic recruitment and training needs.

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