The 7 Advantages of Hiring a Full Time Nanny


Published on May 20, 2019

Family life is busy! Regardless of the age of your child(ren), a full time nanny is a wonderful option for families needing an extra pair of hands and support around daily family life.  Many career nannies will stay with families for years, some may stay with families until the children are as old as 16, or even 18! The role evolves as time goes on, and a professional nanny can offer much-needed relief, stability and support. There are so many advantages of hiring a full time nanny. And we have listed the 7 most important ones for you.

So what are the 7 advantages of hiring a full time nanny?

1. Stability

Family life is hectic!  You may have two parents, or it may be a single or separated home life, but regardless of the ages of the children, there are not enough hours in the day! Especially as children grow, many parents report turning into taxi services, driving their children to and from activities and clubs.  Children thrive with stability and routine, and by having the extra pair of hands, you’ll be able to focus on other tasks that need to get done.

2. Experience

You may have young children, or you may have children who are struggling due to situations at home, this could be due to parents separating or external pressure such as exams and school world.  An experienced full time nanny will be experienced in dealing with challenging situations and also knows how to help children stay calm under pressure, and focus on the important tasks.  A more neutral person in the household can sometimes help to diffuse emotionally tough times.

3. Safety

The most important aspect of raising children, and what keeps most parents up at night is the idea that their children may not be safe.  We hand our children to many people to care for them, from school teachers through to external activities or groups, and sometime we might lose track of where they are (particularly when they get into their teens!) so a full time nanny can give you the perfect solution, complete peace of mind that your child(ren are safe and completely cared for).

4. Education

We may like to believe that we can teach our children everything, but we soon come to realise that there are some things, perhaps physical skills or mental tasks that we just aren’t cut out for teaching!  It’s nothing to be ashamed of!  With a full time nanny, you can ensure that any educational and development needs are met. By a professional who is well versed in helping children of that age develop and grow.  Some nannies come from specific educational/teaching backgrounds and these nannies are highly sought after by families wanting to give this educational support to their children.

5. Fun

Nannies are there to have fun and allow your children to laugh and experience joy.  They will come up with and age suitable activities for children. Ensuring that there is less screen time, and more playtime.  All children (no matter how old) should play and learn new things.  A professional full time nanny will give this wonderful gift of fun and joy to your children. And it will help shape them into wonderful young adults.

6. Pressure

Like a kettle which has started to boil – family life can be tough.  Often the working members of the family are tired and over-worked. And parents who choose to stay at home with the children often have similar stresses and anxiety.  Pressure builds, and family life can become strained.  For a stay at home mum, with multiple children, for example. Having that precious extra pair of hands and professional nanny will mean that she can start to allocate time for herself. Just a little time for her to relax and recover.  For working parents, it means that they can come home to a tidy house and happy children. And they can just focus on having fun with their children.  One of the great advantages of hiring a full time nanny: it takes the pressure off.

7.  Family

It may seem cliche, but your children will soon be grown. And you’ll be looking back to earlier years and wondering where the time went.  Family life and memories are perhaps the most precious ones of all, and you don’t want to miss it.  Having a full time nanny will give you exactly that. Time to focus on the moments and the memories. As well as having the support to feel confident and settled in your lifestyles.


A full time nanny, regardless of the ages of your children will help provide a wonderful and loving environment for them to flourish in. And in turn, you will help shape your children with your own values and morals.  If you are considering hiring a full time nanny why not get in touch with us today. And one of our lovely consultants will be able to assist you further.



  1. Henry Killingsworth says:

    You made a good point when you mentioned that a full-time nanny can give parents the peace of mind that a child is safe. My sister and her husband both started full-time jobs so they can’t be at home to take care of their daughter. I will have to suggest to my sister that she should hire a nanny so that her daughter can get the care she needs.

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