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Published on July 18, 2016

Do you know why you should use a domestic staff agency to find help or get hired? Let us show you! There are hundreds of domestic staffing agencies around the world. And for clients looking to hire staff or candidates looking to find work, it can be a daunting task knowing where to start.  Agencies can make life easier. But it’s important to know what to expect. And how to best leverage their services.  

Whether you’re looking to hire a domestic staff member or get hired as a domestic staff member. You’ll look to an agency for quality and speed. Professional agencies connect their clients with the best domestic staff. And they can usually do it pretty quick. A good agency has the know-how and network to place lasting domestic staff.

Domestic staffing agencies are specialists at what they do. And the best agencies will make the process pain-free and stress-free. Here is what you can (and should) expect when working with a domestic staffing agency:


Domestic staff have a close relationship with the families they work for and it’s important the find a good match, which means an agency needs to understand both clients and candidates. Needless to say, communication is paramount. You should feel comfortable communicating with your staffing agency and be able to reach them easily.

Large Network

Professional domestic staffing agencies have a large database of candidates on their books, so when you ask them to find your next member of staff they already have access to the exact type of candidates that you require and can help find you find the right candidate faster. Furthermore, they should have vetted and ensured that the candidates are of the highest quality.  For example, on our books we have over 3,000 registered candidates looking for work around the world which gives us a huge amount of choice to give our clients when they are looking for staff.

International Reach

A good agency will recruit new candidates from around the world. Because we look globally to find out candidates. It means if a client is based in a remote location, or indeed wishes to have a certain language or cultural requirement. We can easily match the candidate to the job spec. Resulting in a quick and effortless recruitment process.


Domestic workers are always looking for new ways to access potential employers and gain the next step on their career ladder. A good domestic worker agency will offer access and advice to candidates who want to talk to them. Domestic staffing agencies recognise that the candidates need a safe place to turn to in order to get impartial advice, feedback on their CV and support if they face a tricky situation. Learn more about how to find a job as a domestic worker.


Some domestic staffing agencies also offer further education such as silver service training courses or advanced housekeeping training which gives candidates the chance to gain additional skills, and thus give them a greater chance of getting the next (often highly competitive) position. Clients also look to agencies for the training of their household staff, as sometimes they want their staff to acquire new skills or refurbish old ones.

Get in Touch

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Are you ready to start using a domestic staffing agency to find help or get hired? Polo & Tweed is here for you! If you have specific questions about working with a domestic staffing agency, why not contact us now on our website. Our expect team of consultants will be looking forward to speak to you. And help you get hired or find help!


  1. Joy Butler says:

    I agree that the networking benefits of staffing agencies can be very useful in your recruiting processes. It could be difficult to track down qualified candidates, especially if you are seeking university level candidates but you are not located near a prestigious university. Using a staffing agency could be a great way to expand your network with out putting in the time necessary to do that on your own.

  2. Bernard Clyde says:

    You make a good point that staffing agencies can provide and certain training for those they hire out. This is especially important with IT support, I think, since technology is always rapidly improving and changing. It’s important that you have up to date staff that can provide any of your clients or customers with the support they need that is most applicable in the current age we live in with information technology.

  3. Zidane Shepard says:

    Thank you for your insight into using a recruiting agency. I especially appreciate your comments on some staffing agencies offering housekeeping training. I will keep this in mind while looking for a staffing agency in the future!

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