Awards, Features & Media

Polo & Tweed are regularly featured in the media and press.  We’ve also been awarded prestigious titles from awarding bodies – giving us the recommendation of a leading recruitment and training company.

The Daily Mail features Polo & Tweed's Amazing Personal Training Job

Sure beats a gym! ‘VIP’ Qatari family seek ‘discreet’ female personal trainer to live and train at the palace and join them on holidays – all for a £120,000 TAX FREE annual salary.

The Bridgerton Effect - Mayfair Times Exclusive with Polo & Tweed

Mayfair provided much of the inspiration for the Netflix blockbuster Bridgerton, which has, in turn, sparked a revival of the Regency lifestyle.  Jonathan Whiley spoke to Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed, about the Bridgerton Effect.  Jump to page 16!

A Day In the Life of a Domestic Help Goddess - Country & Town House Magazine

Are you being served? A day in the Life of a Domestic Help Goddess – an exclusive article from Country & Town House into Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed and behind the scenes in her daily company life.

Luxe Bible Feature Polo & Tweed for Valentine's Day

Luxe Bible, the Digital Magazine, featured Polo & Tweed’s top tips for a luxurious Valentine’s Day.  A perfect way to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion.

My West London Life Interviews Lucy Challenger

My West London Life spoke to Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed about her top regency etiquette tips – what to do, and what not to do in polite society!

Lucy Challenger speaks to The Mail Online About Regency Etiquette

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed, spoke to The Mail Online about the fascinating world of regency etiquette.

The Mail Online Speaks to Polo & Tweed

The Mail Online spoke to Lucy Challenger to hear about how the high net worth families are coping with lockdown and the demand for online tuition

The Australian Features Polo & Tweed

Coronavirus: Nannies in demand to help with home schooling featured in today’s Australian about Lucy Challenger and Polo & Tweed

Tempus Magazine Interview Lucy Challenger

Tempus Magazine asked for an exclusive interview.  In-house insight: a look at the modern butler with Polo & Tweed CEO and founder Lucy Challenger

The Sun Speaks Exclusively to Lucy Challenger

The Sun featured Polo & Tweed and Lucy Challenger, on the bizarre rules of Regency Etiquette following the launch of Bridgerton on Netflix.

BBC Radio London Jo Good Interviews Lucy Challenger

Jo Good, from BBC Radio London interviewed Polo & Tweed’s CEO Lucy Challenger on the rise of temporary and short term hires during the world pandemic and the national lockdown.  Lucy and Jo spoke about the demands on nannies and what it’s like for Lucy with her own child and nanny.

The Times Features Polo & Tweed

The Times interviewed Lucy Challenger about the rising demand for nannies during the world pandemic.  Two wonderful nannies were also interviewed and their photos made print!

The Telegraph Features Polo & Tweed

Household staff are vital for a stress-free lockdown, and the ultra-rich pay a premium for the best.  Polo & Tweed gave an exclusive to The Telegraph about how the domestic staffing industry has been affected by the world pandemic.  You can read the article (behind a paywall here)

The Daily Mail Gives Headline News to Polo & Tweed

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed, along with some of the fabulous candidates on the books, made headline news today with the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail Shares our Polo & Tweed Top Job with their Readers!

Back in the press with The Daily Mail sharing one of Polo & Tweed’s top job with their readers!

The Sun Newspaper Shares Polo & Tweed Top Jobs to Their Readers!

We are often tasked with finding incredible jobs for our lovely candidates.  The Sun newspaper shared one of our top jobs with their readers!

Epicurean Life Exclusive Interview with CEO Lucy Challenger

Epicurean Life magazine gave an exclusive interview with CEO and founder Lucy Challenger.  Discussing luxury placements and the right way to find household staff.

The Sun Newspaper Features Polo & Tweed

The Sun Newspaper featured Polo & Tweed and our CEO Lucy Challenger, on how domestic recruitment is still surging despite the world pandemic!

Polo & Tweed Awarded Most Outstanding Luxury Domestic Staffing Agency 2021

Despite 2020 being the most unusual year we’ve ever faced – we are delighted to be awarded Most Outstanding Luxury Domestic Staffing Agency 2021 by Corp Today

Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine Features Polo & Tweed

Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine featured Polo & Tweed in a wonderful article about their company and wor

LBC Radio Interview with Polo & Tweed's CEO

LBC Radio caught up with CEO Lucy Challenger, to discuss the work she and her team are doing to help put people back in jobs.

The Week Magazine - Front Cover!

The Week Magazine featured our CEO Lucy Challenger on the front cover, with an article about the work Polo & Tweed were doing.

The Daily Mail - Hire a Live in Chef

The Daily Mail featured Polo & Tweed on the plight of the rich during the lockdown.

The Times - Hire a live in Chef

The Times Newspaper again featured Polo & Tweed with how their clients are hiring live-in Chef’s to help support their households.

Mail+ Interviewed Polo & Tweed and Learnt How to be a Butler!

The Mail+ interviewed Sam, one of our Polo & Tweed trainers – learning skills for Butlering and home service over the lockdown.  A wonderful video story.

Wire Fax News Features Polo & Tweed's Story

Wire Fax News featured Polo & Tweed’s Lockdown story.

Daily Mail Interview Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed

The Daily Mail interviewed Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed for an insight into how the super-rich are coping during the lockdown.

The Times Newspaper Double Page Spread on Polo & Tweed

We were delighted to be heavily featured in the Times Newspaper.

Polo & Tweed Featured by the Socialist Worker

Polo & Tweed were featured by the Socialist Worker newspaper

Irish Examiner Highlights Polo & Tweed to their Readers

Imagine losing staff who buff Aston Martins?  The Irish Examiner featured Polo & Tweed to their readers.

Metro Newspaper Features Polo & Tweed

Polo & Tweed were interviewed and featured in Metro Newspaper both online and in print.

The Telegraph Feature Polo & Tweed

An exclusive interview with The Telegraph – the online article features a video used in our worldwide online training.

Tatler Magazine Interviews Polo & Tweed

A royal-approved cleaner on how to clean your home.  Learn the expert tips from Polo & Tweed in our exclusive interview with Tatler Magazine.

Metro Newspaper Features Polo & Tweed CEO and Her Husband

The Metro Magazine featured Polo & Tweed CEO Lucy Challenger and her husband, retired Olympic Athlete Ben Challenger

Polo & Tweed Featured on the Talk Radio Show

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed was interviewed on the Talk Radio Show.

Polo & Tweed Featured on the BBC Radio 1 Matt & Mollie Show

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed was interviewed by Matt and Mollie on the BBC Radio 1 show.

Polo & Tweed featured on Executive Grapevine

Polo & Tweed were featured in the Executive Grapevine – a daily insight from business leaders.  Lucy Challenger, the CEO gives her insight into the recruitment industry.

Most Influential CEO, 2020 - the United Kingdom

Our CEO Lucy Challenger was awarded the most influential CEO 2020 in the United Kingdom – a wonderful honour to be presented with!

Best in Staffing & Recruiting Solutions 2020

Polo & Tweed have been awarded the Best in Staffing & Recruiting Solutions 2020 by Corp Today Magazine as part of their 2020 Global Business Awards.  A fabulous way to kick off 2020.

Most Influential Boutique Recruitment CEO - Lucy Challenger

The CEO of Polo & Tweed has been recognised by CEO monthly with the Most Influential Boutique Recruitment CEO, 2019.  Well done Lucy and the whole team at Polo & Tweed

International Business of the Year 2019

Polo & Tweed have made the final in the international business of the year 2019 by FSB Business Awards.  We want to thank the whole team for their hard work and dedication.

Recognised Experts in Domestic Service Recruitment 2019

Polo & Tweed have been recognised as leading experts in domestic service by SME Business Elite 2019.  We are honoured to be awarded this title!

Polo & Tweed Finalists at the Best New Business Awards 2019

Polo & Tweed are delighted to be finalists in the prestigious Best New Business Awards 2019.  The finalists of 12 prestigious companies – who will take the coveted title home?

Channel 5 - Secrets of the Royal Servants

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed, along with her head housekeeper trainer Tracey, were interviewed for the latest documentary aired on Channel 5 – ‘Secrets of the Royal Servants’.  Lucy and Tracey told some behind the scenes secrets of staff working within the Royal Household.

Best Recruitment Agency of 2019

Polo & Tweed have been awarded Best Recruitment Agency 2019, by the Global Business Insight Awards Panel.

CEO Award 2018

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed was awarded two prestigious awards in 2018.  Boutique Recruitment CEO of the Year – UK & Best Hospitality Staffing & Recruitment Boutique – UK

Acquisition International

Lucy Challenger, CEO of Polo & Tweed was awarded two prestigious awards in 2018. Recruitment CEO of the Year 2018 – United Kingdom & Best Woman-Run Luxury Service Recruitment Agency

Absolutely Mama

Polo & Tweed have been regularly featured in Absolutely Mama, both in print and online.

Luxurious Magazine

Luxurious Magazine interviewed our CEO Lucy Challenger, about her work with Polo & Tweed

Family Office Magazine

Polo & Tweed regularly write guest articles and are featured in the Family Office Magazine.

Channel 5 - How the Other Half Live

Polo & Tweed, and their CEO Lucy Challenger were featured in the Eamonn and Ruth How the Other Half Lives TV show.  Lucy and her Butler taught Eamonn the art of Silver Service!

Channel 4 - Too Posh to Parent

Polo & Tweed filmed Lucy Challenger and her recruitment team were featured finding a lovely client a new nanny.

Mansion Global

Mansion Global featured our CEO Lucy Challenger, in learning about the super yacht world and the staff who work on board.

Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days promote our ‘Butler for the day’ experiences for their clients around the world.

The Daily Star

The Daily Star newspaper discussed Polo & Tweed in the appearance alongside Eamonn Holmes on the Channel 5 TV show.

Go Banking Rates

Go Banking Rates discussed how to see the new year in, and Polo & Tweed were mentioned in hiring event staff.

Eton College

Polo & Tweed were featured in the print magazine of Eton College

St Mary's School Ascot

Polo & Tweed were featured in the print magazine of St Mary’s School Ascot

The Elite London

Polo & Tweed attended and exhibited at the 2016 Elite London show.

Prestige London

Polo & Tweed attended and exhibited at the 2016 Prestige London show.


Legalesign invited Polo & Tweed to share their experience on using their services.