White Label Polo & Tweed

White Label Polo & Tweed

Polo & Tweed offer opportunities to White Label with their brand and company.

The White Label gives you access to licence and use Polo & Tweed training materials, allowing you to completely re-brand our materials and display them as your own companies brand

  • Truly Fully Bespoke Package – We work with you specifically in the area(s) you wish to white label, giving you multiple packages and options to suit your budget and needs
  • Personal Connection – You will be supported by the Polo & Tweed Management Team, and have a direct line of communication with our CEO & Founder, Lucy Challenger
  • Experts – You can access our world famous brand at a highly customisable and fully blended approach
  • Quality Guarantee – A globally recognised brand, you will be accessing and using the highest quality of materials within your own company

Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

White Label

    Access to Lucy Challenger throughout the White Label

    Detailed In-person Support and On Site Visits if Required

    We would rebrand the training tools to show your brand – and for all intents and purposes students would learn from your brand.

    Polo & Tweed owns all IP and copyright of their own materials

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White Label with Polo & Tweed