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Picking the perfect chef for your home is something that we enjoy helping our clients do. For those with a certain dietary requirement or a preferred cuisine in the home, personal chefs are a great option and we are here to help you find the perfect chef to meet your requirements.

Some of our clients hire full time staff to manage their kitchen, menus and food orders, whilst others prefer part time private chefs whom they bring in for a set number of hours each week. We also hire event chef’s for one off dinner parties or celebrations. Whatever your food requirements are, we can help find you the ideal personal Chef to join your staff.  Chef’s range in services and skills including:

  • Culturally specific cuisine (Arabic/Indian/European/Japanese etc)
  • Dietary specific (gluten free/vegan/vegetarian etc)
  • Pastry Chefs
  • Head Chef and Sous-Chefs
  • Chef for specific events or parties
  • Full time or Part time Chefs
  • Restaurant Chefs
  • Hotel Chefs
  • Food and Beverage Managers

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How P&T classify our Chefs:

Entry level/Less experienced Chef is a candidate with 3-5 years experience

Mid level/More experienced Chef is a candidate 5-10 years experience

High level/Very experienced Chef is a candidate with 10+ years experience

Of course depending on budget/package/skills required everything is always flexible and not set in stone. 🙂


Salary you would expect to pay:

Salary ranges entirely on the candidates experience level.  It also depends on if the role is full time or part time (part time roles are generally paid higher)

Entry Level Chef will expect a salary of £450-550 net a week live in and £500-600 net a week live out.

Mid Level Chef will expect a salary of £550-650 net a week live in and £600-700 net a week live out

High level Chef will expect a salary of £650+ net a week live in and £700+ net a week live out


How we can help you find a Chef:

  • A dedicated recruitment consultant from start to finish. We are with you through the entire process of finding the right candidate to their first day on the job. We then stay in touch from time to time to ensure you are satisfied with your new member of staff.
  • 24 hour telephone service, no matter what time zone or country you are in, you can always reach us
  • Access to our reference and CRB checked candidates, who globally work for the most VIP and HNWI individuals and families.


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