Find a Maternity Nurse for your Family

When you are expecting a new addition to your family, the most important choice (aside from which buggy to buy) is a maternity nurse.  If you want to follow a specific parenting route, or you just need guidance in the first steps you take as a parent, the maternity nurse gives you round the clock support and care.

We have experienced maternity nurses who are adaptive and flexible and can bring the following skills to any family looking to employ them.  If you require long term support but wish to have a specialist in new borns and infants, then consider hiring a Maternity Nanny.

  • Flexible parenting approach and guidance with Gina Ford/Attachment Parenting or the individual family needs.
  • 24 hour live in service / Day service / Night service
  • Breast feeding support
  • Feeding support and routine development
  • Special needs care
  • Twin and multi-birth support.

Find A Maternity Nurse


What you would need to consider:

Type of Support – Days, Nights or 24 hours:

Different Maternity Nurses will provide different levels of support.  Some provide daytime support (12 hours), and others provide only night support.  Most provide 24 hour support, where the Maternity Nurse will work for 24 hours (with a few hours off each day to catch up on sleep from the night before).

Most of our clients prefer 24 hour support as it gives them the most from their maternity nurse.  For more detail on different types of support, refer to our article on how to pick the perfect maternity nurse.  Remember that a maternity nurse cannot work 24 hours 7 days a week.  If you require round the clock care consider either hiring two maternity nurses to either work 3/24 and 4/24 or 7 days on/7 days off.


Maternity Nurses will live in the house during their hours of support.  When they are ‘off-duty’ or resting you must provide them with their own space and room in order to relax. Some maternity nurses are happy to use the nursery day bed, but bear in mind they must have privacy.  Some maternity nurses prefer to leave on their day(s) off, so bear this in mind when interviewing the maternity nurse or letting us know if this is a preference.


It is typical to provide food to your maternity nurse when they are in your employ.  If you travel/take them out with you it is customary to cover all their additional expenses and food.  On their days off the maternity nurse may be provided food, but this is down to each clients preference.


Salary you would expect to pay:

As these tend to be short term placements (between 3 months to 6 months), the salaries are calculated on a day rate.  (If you are requiring long term support then consider hiring a Maternity Nanny)  The below day rates are reflective of 24 hour of care.

All our Maternity Nurses are qualified and experienced candidates.  However we do have entry level/mid-level Maternity Nurses on our books. These are candidates who have a background in childcare and are transitioning into specialising in this area.  This is P&T general guide to salary:

Entry level/Less experienced Maternity Nurse:  £175-200 per day (single baby) and £200-250 per day (multiple babies)

Mid level/More experienced Maternity Nurse:  £200-250 per day (single baby) and £275-350 per day (multiple babies)

High level/Very experienced Maternity Nurse:  £300+ per day (single baby) and £350+ per day (multiple babies)

This can all be affected by package offered, and P&T is well versed with any type of challenge!


How we can help you find a London maternity nurse:

  • A dedicated recruitment consultant from start to finish. We are with you through the entire process of finding the right candidate to their first day on the job. We then stay in touch from time to time to ensure you are satisfied with your new member of staff.
  • 24 hour telephone service, no matter what time zone or country you are in, you can always reach us
  • Access to our reference and CRB checked candidates, who globally work for the most VIP and HNWI individuals and families.


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