Qualities of a Good Housekeeper

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Published on March 24, 2016

Do you know the qualities of a good housekeeper? There is a common misconception that to be a housekeeper is an innate ability. That one is born with the knowledge of how to remove stains from marble or how to get coffee out of a carpet, but the truth of the matter is that to be a good housekeeper one must have the aptitude and approach to the art form that housekeeping is.

There is a colossal difference between a cleaner and a housekeeper. And although to mere mortals it may seem that they are the same thing, We can assure you they most certainly are not.  So how can you determine the qualities that make a good housekeeper and what sets them aside from a house cleaner? Let us share these little nuggets of gold that we’ve learnt over the years.

Hoover1. It’s not just about the hoover

A common misconception is that a house is ‘clean’ once a hoover has been passed across the floor, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For a quality housekeeper, this is only a starting point!

An advanced housekeeper and one that is setting the highest quality within their work, will use the hoover to start the process. They will hoover (carefully) the floors, using the correct attachments for the carpets, rugs and different surfaces around the house.  They will use the heavy duty hoover for the large spaces and then use the smaller hand held hoover for the more hard to reach places.  A quality housekeeper will be found on their knees hoovering under the bed or sofas, moving objects that are often stationary in order to seek the stubborn areas of dust.

Only then, once the property is completely dust free will they begin the start of the cleaning process.  The removing of dust is not considered housekeeping, merely a starting point.  Some of the most advanced housekeepers that I know (some of whom have worked for Royalty) would balk at the idea that the hoover is the start and finish of the job.  It’s just the starting process to prepare the home for the housekeeping to begin.

If you’re current housekeeper is not hitting the mark you might want to consider training.

Find out: What You Can Expect from A Housekeeper Course


Expensive Iron2. Understanding their tools

A professional housekeeper has the ability to understand, maintain and upkeep their equipment.

I was once told a horror story by a seasoned housekeeper who, when arriving to her new position, found the filter in the hoover had a dead rat it in.  The last “housekeeper” had decided not to look after (or perhaps did not know) about changing the filters to ensure that dirt was not continually pushed around the home, and had been using the hoover with a decaying animal in it.

The new housekeeper immediately disposed of the hoover, asked the principal to purchase the latest Dyson and ensured from that day forth that the equipment were all properly maintained.  It’s not just about using the tools, the quality housekeeper will understand the need to look after their expensive tools to ensure that their own job becomes easier and more importantly they can get the job done to the highest degree.


Extra Mile3. Taking direction

A good housekeeper will have the ability to listen, understand, and implement instructions.

For example, the lady of the house might instruct the housekeeper to  launder and fold the clothes, and then put them back into the walk in wardrobe.  At this point (if the housekeeper is new) she or he would inquire how the principal wants the clothes to be folded and to be given a tour of the wardrobe.

However, if the principal is not available (as is often the case) the housekeeper would have to use their own initiative to see how the clothes have been folded (is it shop style or bespoke style) and then understand the system of the wardrobe management.  They should then take care when doing the laundry (especially when they are fine clothing such as silks and lace) and then follow the instructions.

The ability to take direction and take initiative to interpret each situation is a clear sign of a quality housekeeper.



Listening4.  Listening

It may sound odd, but the quality to listen is something that only exists in the highest quality of housekeepers.

When the principal or house manager talks, it is vital to listen to the communication. Housekeepers working in London are sometimes from other cultures. And sometimes staff in homes will be a mixture of cultures and first languages.  Whatever language you or your staff are communicating in. It is vital that a quality housekeeper listens and then only responds when it is prudent to. A great housekeeper will make sure they clearly understand the directions given to them. And knows when to ask questions to clarify.

Being a good listener is something that the highest quality of housekeepers will have. And the ability to respond in a neutral way is often key to holding a long term position.



Couple in Love5. Honesty

Accidents can happen.  Hand made glasses may be broken, a shirt might be torn in the dyer or the edge of the sofa might be scuffed.  The sign of a quality housekeeper is the sign of honesty; their ability to admit the mistake when it has happened and then ensure it never happens again.

Once is an accident and an honest mistake.  Twice is a sign of negligence and bad quality.  A high quality housekeeper understands that all parts of your house are precious.  From your silver through to your baby’s baby grows.  No matter what is being handled it should be done with care.

Some accidents are simply accidents, a plate can slip when doing the washing up or a small scuff can be made on the edge of a piece of furniture when hoovering.  But the key is honesty. A quality housekeeper will explain the situation and ensure it never happens again.  The biggest no-no that any housekeeper can do is not immediately tell the principal or the house manager.  If the principal discovers it on their own, no matter how innocent or small the situation is, the trust will be lost and without trust there can be no unity within the household staff.


Bedroom6. Attention to detail

A quality housekeeper will asses a room the second they enter. They will also ensure everything is in the right place when they are finished cleaning.

Every home is unique. Each principal will like their home to be organised and laid out in a way that suits them.  The guest rooms might require bottled water and glasses next to the bedside tables. The kitchen might be appliance free. And fresh flowers may need to be displayed daily in the hallway.

Some housekeepers use their phone to take photos before they begin work. This to ensure that at the end of the day all items are returned to the exact same position they were found in.  Every high-end housekeeper has their own approach. Typically a cleaner or low-quality housekeeper will ignore these things. Simple things like sofa cushions or throws will be folded and put in a new position. Then when the principal returns home, they cannot find the item they normally reach for! And may have to get up to retrieve it.  This may sound like a small detail. But over time it will become a major irritant.

A quality housekeeper pays attention to even the slightest details.  They are there to make your life easier and run smoothly. So it’s vital that the patterns of your home are followed and respected.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

When all is said and done, each principal wants their home to be run in a unique and individual way.  The best qualities of a good housekeeper is someone who can blend in. And who fulfil the duties that the property and principal requires.  It can sometimes be a challenge to identify what makes a good quality housekeeper. And it’s even harder to identify it when you are looking for an ideal candidate for your home.  At Polo & Tweed we are well versed with the qualities of a housekeeper. And our clients expect the housekeepers we provide to be of the very highest calibre. If you need our help finding a high-quality housekeeper, or training your current housekeeper,  get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.


  1. Jade Brunet says:

    We are looking to hire a housekeeper. Thanks for the information provided about the qualities a good housekeeper should possess. I like the point about honesty. I think that it would also be beneficial to form a good relationship with the person so that they are motivated to do quality work.

    • David Evans says:

      Thanks Jade! You’re right – it is very beneficial for both parties to form a good relationship. Conducting in person interviews and trialing candidates are great ways to make sure you and your potential housekeeper will get along.

      Let us know if you have any questions during your hiring process!

  2. Barbara says:

    How to have a great personal working relationship?

    The family I work for say they want me to be part of family

    I know there is a line, meaning a working relationship and being a part of the family. What are they expecting going forward from me?


    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Hello Barbara. This is a great question. Indeed there should always be a professional line between the family that you work for. However, it is a wonderful sign that the family want you to be part of the family. This often represents that they respect and care for you, and some families can even grow to love the people who work for them. This means you can feel that you are appreciated and respected, but know that your relationship should always remain professional. So try to keep the line. For example, don’t become friends on Facebook as this can mix personal and business. Don’t socialise outside of work hours (unless very special occasions) as again this can blur the lines.

      It is a wonderful sign that you are working for a family who want you to be part of their family, and this is a sign you will have a great relationship for years to come! 🙂

  3. Lauren Jones says:

    I am excited to be going back to work after having my last baby but am scared that house work will no longer be a priority. It is good to know that hiring a professional housekeeper can be a good idea. I like what was said about how these professionals have the ability to understand, maintain, and upkeep their equipment. It would be nice knowing that your house is being cleaned with quality equipment and materials. I will start looking to hire right away, thanks.

  4. Rajesh chaudhary says:

    thanxs for your post… for this post we understand which type of housekeeping staff we take for our house

  5. Santos says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog with an informative content.

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing such a useful article it was very useful for me.

  7. Jo says:

    Great article to know the useful points to notice before we hire the housekeepers. Thank you for posting…

  8. Logan Alvey says:

    Hi friends, am Logan Alvey
    Am just Carry away as a housekeeper but have idea. I need some advice please to be a good housekeeper..

    • Aafke Meelen says:

      Hi Logan, great that you are looking into becoming a housekeeper, it can be such a rewarding job! Do have a look at all our housekeeping articles on our Advice Hub here, and taking a Housekeeping Training course will be an amazing way to learn all the skills you’d need. Good luck!

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