Guide to Finding A Great Spanish Speaking Nanny in London

Habla Espanol ?

Published on May 18, 2017

London is a unique melting pot of vast backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.  Being one of the biggest multi-cultural cities in the world, many families are looking for childcare and nannies who speak specific languages. Spanish is the second most spoken language across the world, beaten by only Chinese.  So many families, who either speak Spanish at home or just enjoy the language, will opt to search for a Spanish speaking nanny to work for their family.

But what is the best way to find a great Spanish speaking nanny? Our handy guide gives some excellent tips and hints.

1. Which Spanish Language are you Looking For?

This is an important question.  There are many types of Spanish languages spoken around the world, each with different accents and dialects.  From Latin American Spanish speakers through to Mainland Spain in Europe.  Even in Spain itself, from the North to the South, there are different accents and dialects. So this is an important question to ask your potential future Spanish nanny.

Perhaps the type of Spanish your children are learning is important or maybe you need the language to match your own cultural background.  Perhaps not.  For some families, a specific type of Spanish is desirable, while others are less focused and happy with any type of Spanish language.  So think carefully and ask the prospective Spanish nanny where they are from!

2. Reach out to Spanish Communities

If you are choosing to self-recruit a Spanish nanny, you can reach out to local Spanish communities which might be found in your area.  You can also try social media such as Facebook, where there are dedicated groups for Spanish-speaking people.  Or reach out to Spanish-speaking friends and family and ask them to spread the word within their network.

If you decide to go through an agency, you can either go to a Spanish-focused agency or an agency which has a global network of candidates, rather than just local.  Going to a professional recruitment agency will give you peace of mind that the candidates are being vetted to the highest level.

A professional recruitment agency will give peace of mind that the candidates are being vetted to the highest level Click To Tweet

3. Are you Looking for Specific Spanish Nanny Skills

Spanish communities in the UK and around the globe enjoy a wide range of activities and past times.  Perhaps you need a Spanish speaking nanny with a specific skill such as horse riding or swimming?  Reach out to your local community horse riding or swimming centre and ask if you can put up a poster or write to their members.  It can be a great way to find a specific Spanish nanny with a specific skill you are looking for.

4. Consider Recruiting Your Spanish Speaking Nanny from Abroad

Don’t only consider locally based candidates, especially if you are looking to hire a live-in Spanish speaking Nanny.  Whether it be it for a Spanish speaking nanny in London, or around the world, by offering a live-in role, you are then able to look outside of your immediate location and consider hiring a Spanish nanny from abroad.

Remember, it’s vital to check references and vet the candidate (if not using an agency) and always trial the candidate in person (for a few days at least) before you offer them the job.

5. Offer an Attractive Package

Remember, regardless if the candidate is a Spanish speaking Nanny or not, by providing an excellent salary and additional attractive perks, you can better entice the right person to your role.  Think about salary, working days, hours, accommodation, car, food, insurance and other perks. Some clients also provide bonuses for re-signing to a new year or working on birthdays and Christmases.  The more attractive the package, the greater number of experienced Spanish speaking nannies you will attract to your role.

If you need help seeking or recruiting an amazing Spanish speaking nanny in London or if you are a Spanish speaking nanny, London based or around the world, we’d love to hear from you.  To register with us click here, or to get in touch with us so we can help with your Spanish nanny search, click here.


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