How To Find A Job as a Domestic Worker

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Published on March 28, 2016

Do you know how to find a job as a domestic worker? Perhaps you are already a seasoned professional and it’s time to move to your next position, or perhaps you are fresh out of school after watching Downtown Abby and are fascinated about the world of service?

The domestic job search process can be at times daunting, and it’s vital that you ensure you take well thought our decisions to protect your data and your safety. Different cultures and different countries all approach staff differently, so make sure you are fully informed before you make any decision that may affect your career or life.  So take your time and do your research.  Here are some top tips to help you prepare and find a job as a domestic worker.

Happiness1. Plan your next career move

The most important aspect to your domestic job is understanding what type of job you want to do.  The clearer idea you have (be it from previous roles or from a chance at a new beginning) the easier it will be for you search for your next role.  Does having a family mean that you need to stay in one country or prefer live-out roles? Or perhaps your background lends to a specific job type.

Whatever the case is, sit down and spend some time thinking about where you see yourself in the next ten years.  It’s important you have career progression and the future in your mind, as this will help you work towards it.


CV2. Prepare your CV and make it relevant!

We understand that English might not be your first language, but it’s vital for your CV to hit the mark.  It’s a competitive industry and without a strong CV you’ll fall down at the first hurdle.

Ask a friend or family member to help you, borrow a computer, and most importantly get someone to proof read your CV.  Spelling errors or typos will make you look unprofessional.  You might be the worlds best Chef, but if your CV is terrible, you just won’t get in the door.

You have to provide the full package.  If you are applying for a PA role, make sure your CV is relevant to the role.  Don’t send a Nanny CV to an employer who is looking for a PA.  Sit down and re-write your CV with all the relevant experience.  You need to take the time in your CV to show that you care and are serious about your application.  Ensure your CV suits the role you are applying for, relevance is key! If you’d like a bit of extra help, you can download our free CV template here.

Google3. Use the internet – but be careful.

The internet is a vast tool which can help you with your job search.  You’ve found this article after all! 🙂 But its vital you are savvy when it comes to how you approach each job.  You will find Gumtree, Craigslist, Recruitment Agencies and a whole host of other websites advertising jobs.  Some are reputable and some are not. Read the job description and be wary of websites that ask you to pay fees, generally recruitment websites should charge the client to advertise the role, not the candidate who wishes to apply.

It’s a good idea to join agencies if you can, as they can actively help you find work, but again be careful. No agent should EVER charge you to join their books and if they ask for any deposit/money then AVOID them.  This is illegal in the UK, and even if the agent is not in the UK, consider why the agent is asking for money. When you join an agent, they should (if they are any good) check who you are.  They will arrange an interview (this can take time, so don’t panic if it doesn’t happen straight away) and check your documents.  You should provide your passport/ID and also other information they request.

When you are looking for a job as a domestic worker, agents will have access to a higher standard of client.  Firstly, the client will be serious about the search. As they are willing to pay the agents fee.  Secondly, you are protected and guided by the agent.  It is our job to protect you and ensure you don’t end up in a position which is not suitable or unsafe for you. Ultimately you always have the right to make any decisions you want when it comes to your domestic job search. But a good agent will guide and protect you at all stages.  You can read more about our own agency process from start to finish (from a clients perspective).


Sample CV3. Get your paperwork in order

Now is the time to be organised and efficient. Take the time to dig out all your dusty files and scan them onto a folder so you can easily access them.  This should include all your references, a copy of your passport/ID, your DBS (if you have one), any specific VISA details, and any certificates from your education or degree or other qualifications.

The quicker you can provide these to an agency or a potential employer, the quicker you domestic job search will begin.  Keep these all on file, but again be wary when sending them to individuals if you are applying through sites like gumtree or craigslist.  Identity theft is something that can happen if you send your details to an unknown.  Generally speaking, sending these documents to a company or recognised website is normally OK, but do your research and check out the company first. They should have a phone you can call and speak to someone and an address to attend should you wish to.


Vacancies4. Keep an eye on the vacancies

There are hundreds of different places that domestic jobs will be advertised.  Public sites such as Gumtree or Care, or even Estate and Manor.  These are public sites and keep in mind that anyone can post a job to look for staff, so be careful.  Then you have the agents websites. You need to be at the forefront of these websites and sign up for notifications so that you can be the first to hear.  In this day and age where smart phones are common place, there is no excuse for missing getting your CV in to a deadline.  The saying goes, the early birth gets the worm and this is often the case when looking for your dream job!


Contact Details5. Respond quickly!

When you are looking for a job as a domestic worker and you register or apply for a job and you get a response from the company/client/individual, respond quickly!  Failure to respond to calls/emails/texts will leave the client wondering ‘do you actually want this job?’ It’s a bug bear of every employer when they can’t reach candidates.

Furthermore if you are already in the process and have been selected for interview, make sure you reply to calls/texts/emails quickly.  Leaving the client waiting is a big no no. If you are serious about looking for a domestic job, then you should be serious about responding quickly to potential employers. In a competitive world if you don’t reply quickly you might lose the opportunity to be seen and this will affect your chances at getting the job itself.


PA6. Continuing Education

No matter at what stage of employment you are in – even if you are a seasoned veteran – its vital you are showing the ability to be flexible and learn as your career progresses. Simply things like up to date first aid certificates, or re-training in a course about digital security and protecting your principal can all look amazing and strengthen your domestic job search.

You want to make sure you stand out!  If you are a fledgling to the industry and don’t know where to turn we can help, or you can use the internet to research and review training options.  Don’t just fall for glossy photos, ask to speak to previous trainees or people who have experienced the education first hand and make sure you budget, but be realistic with your goals.  If a training package sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is!


Couple in Love7. Don’t let yourself down

Once you’ve completed some of the steps above, you’ll be on your way to getting yourself an interview.  This is now your chance to shine!

At this stage its important you are 100% committed.  Situations change, you might change your mind (and thats perfectly OK) or indeed you may get a job offer during this time. But the key is to communicate and keep everyone informed.  If you are booked for interview and cancel last minute and you don’t have a serious reason as to why, then this will make you look extremely unprofessional.

Being black listed by an client/company/agent is a serious thing and could affect your future career progression.  Now sometimes things happen, like family emergencies. Most reasonable clients will understand (as they have a heart too!). But you should immediately contact the client and let them know.  Letting down a client is a huge no no.  Respect the client, and they in turn will respect you.  And you never know when your paths will cross again. After all, the world really isn’t that big a place!

When undertaking a domestic job search, we think the above guide is vital to follow. Just to ensure you have a quick, stress-free and fun journey to look for your next position. At Polo & Weed, we register candidates from around the world. All with all different backgrounds and cultures.  No matter what you are looking for in the domestic job world. We would love to help you find your next dream job. Or offer you any further advice you might need.  So browse our vacancies, register today. Or log in to your candidate portal to update your job alerts and start the search for your dream domestic job!