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Published on April 23, 2019

Hiring a housekeeper companion is an ideal option for the elderly in need of a domestic helper with a sympathetic ear. Click To TweetWhen you’re hiring a housekeeper companion, you’re employing someone to do household chores and provide emotional support – an ideal option for the elderly in need of a domestic helper and a supportive friend.

A housekeeper companion provides in-home support that goes beyond household chores.

Who and What is a Housekeeper Companion?

A housekeeper companion is an ideal home help option for an elderly person that needs daily help with household chores.

The companion is not a nurse or a carer. They help out around the house and provide companionship. Especially to those not in need of a care home.

The housekeeper companion often helps take care of elderly people living alone. For those who don’t need the type of medical care a carer provides. They just need an extra pair of hands. To help with the weekly housekeeping routine. And also to be on hand to provide companionship.

As such, a housekeeper companion has the same responsibilities as a regular housekeeper. But they’re also sympathetic to the challenges their aged employer faces. Probably with everyday tasks. So in this type of work the housekeeper companion should be willing to provide companionship. With a focus on safety as well.

Who Needs a Housekeeper Companion?

If you or a loved one is struggling to keep up with household chores.  And if they need a sympathetic ear, too. Then you need a housekeeper companion.

For elderly people, having a daily housekeeper companion gives them and their family peace of mind. Knowing that there’s someone on hand to provide practical help. As well as emotional support.

Having a housekeeper companion allows the elderly couple or individual to relax. They know that someone is running errands such as shopping. As well as cooking and doing other household chores. They also benefit from the additional care of their welfare that a housekeeper companion provides.

For the extended family, having a housekeeper companion gives them peace of mind that their loved ones have company. And someone to keep an eye on them. Plus help with running the house. You get professional help for an elderly family member. That also takes the pressure off the rest of the family.

Housekeeper Companion Duties

Here are some of the duties that a housekeeper companion may be required to do.

  • All household housekeeping such as cleaning and upkeep of the home.
  • Stock inventory, care of cleaning equipment.
  • Laundry, ironing, wardrobe management.
  • Cooking.
  • Running errands and shopping.
  • Assisting with appointments, diary management. And helping with house household affairs.
  • Driving.
  • Accompanying on outings and social events.
  • Providing friendship and emotional support.
  • Light gardening and house maintenance.
  • Dealing with contractors.
  • Pet and animal care.

What Is The Typical Salary of a Housekeeper Companion?

A housekeeper companion is paid a similar salary to a regular housekeeper. Depending on experience. Additional duties may be taken into consideration. But the job does not require any medical duties.

Salary ranges are:

  • Live in Housekeeper Companion: £21K – £41K+ per year
  • Live out Housekeeper Companion: £25K – £49K+ per year
  • Part Time Housekeeper Companion: £10-18 per hour

How Polo & Tweed Finds the Perfect Housekeeper Companion

Polo & Tweed is a British-based luxury domestic service recruitment and hospitality training specialist. With candidates and clients all over the world.

We charge a one-time fee for our recruitment services. Here’s how our simple 4-step recruitment service works.

Step 1. Our recruitment experts assess your unique requirements.

Step 2. We source and screen the most suitable candidates with skills and experience to fit your specific needs.

Step 3. You select a candidate from our shortlist to employ for a trial period if you like, or permanently.

Step 4. When you hire a candidate you employ that person directly.

We are Matchmakers

We know that matching personalities is equally as important as having a good housekeeper. Hiring a housekeeper companion to work in your home is a personal choice. So it’s also important that everyone gets along. Our goal is to find you a personable and caring professional domestic helper whose personality is compatible with the person being cared for.

A housekeeper companion must be more patient and sympathetic than a regular housekeeper. As they often lend emotional support and guidance.

Why Is Polo & Tweed the best housekeeper recruitment agency for you?

We source our candidates from around the world to match their skills and experience with international clients that expect the best.

Our screening criteria are tailored to suit you and your housekeeper companion’s specific needs. We understand that finding the right long-term domestic help is a two-way street. Both parties must be happy with the arrangement.

When you recruit a housekeeper companion with Polo & Tweed, our experts guide you through the entire recruitment process. Making it stress-free. We stringently screen suitable candidates on your behalf. And present you with a shortlist of the best candidates.

We’re here to help. Contact one of our experts with any questions or concerns about hiring professional home help.


  1. Yo munday says:

    I’m looking for full time job to accompany elderly people. I’m a widow, British citizen born in the Philippines. I give a high standard service when hired. If good wage is offered I am happy to have a full time contract. I work in a chef service at the moment and have high feedback from customers – but the wage is low. Can you help?

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Hello Yo, Thank you for your comment. We would love to help you find a new job. The best thing to do is register for a free profile on our agency books, and then you can apply now or in the future for any jobs of interest. Good luck with your search.

      • Mildred Williams says:

        looking to hire the right person to help with everyday chores don’t mind being the ear I can talk to /cook as well drive to appt. I have a small pet 8mos.

        • mm Aafke Meelen says:

          Thank you for your message, one of our consultants will contact you over email. If you would like to contact us directly before that, you can do so via our website here. Hoping this helps!

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