You Should Hire a Hotel Housekeeper For Your Home


Published on August 13, 2020

Are you looking for a new Houskeeper for you and your family or household? You should hire a hotel Housekeeper for your home! You might not know much about hotel Housekeepers – but they come with lots of amazing benefits and potential.

Find out here why you should hire a hotel Housekeeper for your home!


One of the main reasons you should hire a hotel Housekeeper for your home. Is because they are used to working extremely efficiently. Coming from a hotel background, there is no time to mess around and waste time. Rooms need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. And when someone is used to that pace of work. They will bring all that work ethic into a domestic housekeeping role.

So that means that by hiring a Housekeeper with hotel background. You will get a housekeeper who will be able to do the work with excellent efficiency, and fast.


A hotel Housekeeper will have worked in situations where privacy is absolute key. Working in a hotel means having the highest level of discretion. Hotel Housekeepers will work in many different rooms in one day. Dealing with people’s private possessions, sometimes also working around people. So as a hotel Housekeeper you learn very quickly that discretion and privacy are the most important things. You see nothing. You hear nothing.

Those are extremely important qualities to find for your new Housekeeper for your home. Whether you are an extremely private person or not. Understanding that the Housekeeper will be professional, trained, and respectful in this area. Is something you cannot teach them yourself. So your new Housekeeper having these qualities will be amazing to have.

Well trained

A hotel Housekeeper not only comes with great experience but excellent training too. Ok, they might need some readjustment to settle int a domestic household setting. But what they do have is all the actual nitty-gritty housekeeping skills.

Hotel Housekeepers will have undergone thorough training. As well as the fact that they learn very quickly on the job. They will most likely have worked in teams. Learning all the skills from more senior people means they will come with a lot of knowledge and skills. Which is really invaluable to have!

High standards

A final reason why you should consider hiring a hotel Housekeeper for your house is that they will have extremely high standards. Especially if they have worked in high-end hotels before. They will have an excellent eye for detail. They will be used to working with the highest-end materials, especially the difficult to treat ones. Think marble, chandeliers, and high-end clothing too.

All of that will be amazing to have for your new Housekeeper. Skills that you will not have to teach anymore, or invest in training for!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed have an excellent selection of top Housekeepers available. Many with a hotel background too! Let us help you find the best Housekeepers in the industry for your home. We will take all the stress of the recruitment process away from you. And advice you through all stages from first selections to the job offer.   why not contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you!




  1. Geraldine Sarci says:

    Hello, I am looking for a live in houskeeper to stay on top of laundry, housework and come cooking for the family when I am unavailable.

    • Aafke Meelen says:

      Hello Geraldine, we can certainly help with that. One of our consultants will contact you over email, but if you want to reach out to us directly in the meantime, you can do so via our website here. Hope that helps and we look forward to helping you with your search.

  2. Baltazar says:

    Estoy buscando trabajo

    • mm Alexandra Parker Larkin says:

      Hi Baltazar, You can apply for roles on our vacancies page if you have the legal right to work in that country. Create a candidate profile and fill in all your details and CV.

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