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Published on April 25, 2016

Finding the right full time chauffeur for your family or principal is a serious task.  The role of the private Chauffeur or driver is perhaps the most important role to fill. As the individual awarded the task will quite literally have the life of the principal and their family in their hands.  When you start the search to find the right private chauffeur for your clients or principal. There are a number of important considerations to give to the process.

Here are our top tips to find the right full time chauffeur for your family.

1. Children

Does your principal have children in the family? This is an important consideration. Will the private chauffeur be expected to drive either in shared or sole charge any children of the house?  Many families would expect their chauffeur to take the children on the school run and to after school activities and trips.  Often the chauffeur is expected to drive the child unaccompanied in the car. Most professional chauffeurs are more than happy to do child duties. And will be expected to go the extra mile of accompanying the child outside of the car. And ensuring that they safely arrive at the destination (through the actual door).

At times they may have to spend a great deal of time with the child(ren). So it is vital that the full time chauffeur is extremely comfortable and professional with children.  Look for a chauffeur who has previous childcare duties in his or her CV. You should also expect the chosen private chauffeur to have a full DBS background check. To ensure that there is complete peace of mind.  Some chauffeurs have children of their own. And they can be a favourable option to hire as they will have experienced looking after children and the dynamics required when driving them to destinations.

2. Security

Does your principal or client require additional security/close protection whilst their private chauffeur is driving them?  Due to HNW and VIP clients being in the public eye. It is often wise to hire a full time chauffeur who is both trained and experienced in security.  These candidates may come from a police, military or special forces background. And will be able to drive at high speeds with safety and care. They will be well versed with high-intensity and dangerous situations. And will be able to give additional protection to the clients.

A high-security chauffeur may also have bodyguard training. And will be able to give additional security when accompanying the principal from the car to the door of their destination. Likewise, members of high profiled families are all too aware that their children become targets for kidnap and ransom. So having a private chauffeur who is highly trained in security and close protection will ensure complete peace of mind for the family. Hiring a private chauffeur with this level of skill will require a higher salary. As you will be paying for the expertise that the candidate has alongside his traditional driving skills.

3. Vehicles

Does your principal require the private Chauffeur to provide their own vehicle or will they be expected to drive the clients car(s)?  There are two types of full time chauffeurs. Ones who provide an executive car for use with their services and ones who do not. Those who do, tend to expect a maintenance/salary to reflect that they will be using their own vehicles. Those who don’t will be well versed with driving all types of cars from Rolls Royce through to Range Rovers.

Alongside the driving duties, decide if you expect the full time chauffeur to care and maintain the vehicle.  This is quite common. As the chauffeur will be in charge of booking services, MOTs, ensuring the car is cleaned and valeted regularly. And that any damages or repairs are managed correctly.  Letting you know when the insurance is due for renewal and sourcing new quotes are also expected, should it be appropriate.

Most private chauffeurs have a black book of contacts within the motor trade, and this will allow them to manage the cars correctly. Ultimately you want to have peace of mind that your principals fleet of vehicles are maintained correctly so that at a moments notice the car can be used.

4. Motorbikes

Does your principal own motorbikes?  Many private chauffeurs will be well versed and experienced at riding and maintenaning motorbikes alongside the expertise with cars.  Motorbike enthusiasts are often collectors and a principal is more than likely to have multiple motorbikes.  The private chauffeur will not be expected to chauffeur the client on the bike itself (!) but should be expected to maintain, service, repair, clean and care for the bikes in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.  A professional chauffeur will also maintain and manage the additional safety items such as helmets, leathers, and gloves.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is perhaps the most important aspect in the search for the right full time private chauffeur for your clients.  The ultimate chauffeur will understand that their schedule must be very flexible because many events, meetings, and social engagements will take place in the evening and weekends.  Make sure to address this detail in your interview with candidates.  Look at their CV and see how far away they live to the principal (if the role is live out), consider their situation and if they would be able to easily get to the clients home at a last minute call.


Finding the right chauffeur for your family can be a lengthy process and for all the staff members hired it is perhaps the most important decision.  If you still have questions or would like any advice, then please do drop us a line, we are always happy to help or give impartial advice.  Of course we could also find you a wonderful Chauffeur, so if you’d like us to find your perfect private Chauffeur you can fill out this nifty form and we will be in touch!


  1. Bernard Clyde says:

    I agree with you that it’s important to consider what experience your private driver has had with situations like yours. Like you said, if they are driving children, be sure they are good with children. It’s important to find someone who you and your family are comfortable with so you can have peace in mind that you are getting the service you expect.

  2. Dariush Khorzad says:

    Hi, I’m Darius.

    I’ve got 40 years of chauffeuring experience in Greater London and other cities.

    I’ve got perfect knowledge of central London, and I am very loyal and discrete.
    I’ve been driving all kinds of luxury vehicles including campers / manual or automatic.
    I don’t smoke or drink very punctual and love to clean cars.

    Could you help me find a job?

    • mm Aafke Meelen says:

      Hi Darius

      Thank you for your message and it sounds like you have had a great career so far! You can apply to register with us by going to this link on our website where you can fill out our registration form, and one of our consultants will then be in touch!

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