How To Avoid The Worst Interview Mistakes

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Published on October 28, 2016

Have you ever experienced a spooky job interview?  Perhaps you’ve been asked uncanny questions, or the interview took place in a haunted house?  Unless you’ve decided to work in the London Dungeons, it is likely that most of your job interviews have been professional and friendly.  But from time to time, the job interview can take an unusual turn. To get your dream job, it’s important that you know how to avoid the worst interview mistakes.

Below are our top tips to avoid any job interview becoming a spooky and horrid experience….  It frighteningly is all true!

Movie 1Photo

We’ve had thousands of CVs pass through the agency door, and when we arrange the candidate to meet with us (either in person or over Skype depending on their location) they dutifully attend the meeting.

Imagine our shock when the person who appears looks nothing like the photo… it’s like they’ve had a ghoulish transformation! So our first tip to make sure your prospective interview goes well is to make sure your photo is of you now, rather than one of you from 20 years ago….!


You don’t need to have a photographic memory, but when your interviewer asks you about recent jobs and dates, try to be as accurate as you can.  There is nothing more spooky than a candidate completely forgetting their own job history.  It looks a bit odd, to say the least.  So review your CV before you walk into the interview and then quote accurate figures.


What are your strengths and weaknesses? It’s a typical question often asked by interviewers. And trust us when we say, we all shake with fear when a candidate denies they have any weaknesses.  Unless the interview is taking place with the next AI robot, as human beings we all have weaknesses.  It’s a strength to recognise them, and explain how you’ve combatted them for the positive.

Movie 2Speaking Negatively

Ouch!  It’s tempting, isn’t it.  But trust us when we say if you speak negatively it will hurt the interview, most likely ending up without a job offer.  So regardless of the horrors you’ve experienced in your previous placement, always speak positively about past employers.  Remember your interviewer could one day be a past employer (all going well) and wants to hear that you had a professional and great attitude when it comes to these things.

Talking about Money

Money makes the world go round.  It pays the bills and allows us to keep a roof over our heads.  However, regardless of the job, even if you are applying to work in the Royal Mint, talking about money at the start of the interview is a sure way to turn off your prospective employer.  Especially in the domestic industry where employers want to feel you are working because you want to work with their family, being driven by money (and discussing it) is a big scary faux pas.

Being late

In this day and age, there is no excuse for turning up late.  Even if Freddy or Jason has been chasing you down the street, you should have planned to allow for extra time to deal with chain-saw wielding obstacles en route to your job interview. So make sure you plan your route and then allow ample time for the off chance of alien abductionsDr Frankenstein or Dracula to ensure nothing prevents you from stepping foot on time to your interview.

Movie 3Presentation

Unless a specific dress code is stated, always err on the side of formal.  Turning up to an interview in a tracksuit, or a Micky Mouse fancy dress is probably not a wise idea. Presentation is key, so make sure you wipe any trails of blood from your lips (from your last victim), brush your hair and ensure you are smelling of roses (rather than swamps or cigarettes).


You should be focused during the interview.  Don’t check your phone, ask for the WiFi code or, god forbid, check emails.  Your focus should be present and captive on the employer. Even if the Wolf Man tries to climb through the window, make sure you only pause to take a breath or listen to questions – trust us, distraction is never a good look in an interview.


When arriving for a Skype or remote interview, think about the location you are demonstrating behind you.  Unless you are the abominable snowman, your background should be neutral and free from distractions.  Noisy cafes, screaming children or the boudoir setting is a big no no.  Think about the impression your setting is making and what it suggests your professional approach is.

Do you now know how to avoid the worst interview mistakes? Polo & Tweed are committed to helping both candidates and clients have a ‘spook-free’ interview and recruitment process.  If you are keen to know more, then why not get in touch?  Happy Halloween!

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