Is it Expensive to Hire a Professional Nanny?

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Published on June 24, 2019

Children are a joy. As they grow, they spend more time in nursery and then school. And in later years some children even attend boarding school.  However, as all parents know, there is large periods of time when the children will be home. Over the holiday periods, and if the parents work full time, or have busy diaries. It can always be a requirement to have additional support.  Likewise, with little children. It may just be a parent needs a break, and a chance to relax. Babies can be exhausting!

There are lots of great childcare options for the modern family, but often families are worried that nannies are an expensive option.

Here we debunk the costs of nannies and help you understand how much you may be expected to pay.

First it is important to remember the major difference between an au pair and a nanny.  You can read about this difference here.

Once you have established that you require a professional nanny, you should now consider if you require full time, part time or ad-hoc support, as this will affect the standard salary.  You should also consider if you wish the nanny to live in or live out – as again this affects the package.

Once you’ve decided – you’ll have options of:

  1. Live in Nanny
  2. Live Out Nanny
  3. Part Time Nanny

The next step is now to consider the different salaries – and these do vary around the world, we operate with a standard global rate.  The aim with your nanny salary is to ensure you have commitment and long-term security for your family.  It’s time consuming to recruit someone, and it’s always better to have continuity for your family.

A breakdown of salaries (approx) are:

  1. Live in Nanny – £350net – £800+net per week.  For a more detailed breakdown of salary guidelines you can read them here.
  2. Live Out Nanny – £400net – £850+net per week.  For a more detailed breakdown of salary guidelines you can read them here.
  3. Part Time Nanny – £11-18+net per hour.  For a more detailed breakdown of salary guidelines you can read them here.

As you can see, it is more cost-effective than you might have originally thought – as professional childcare, such as nurseries, after school clubs and childminders are equally costly.

If you need advice on how to hire a nanny and how payroll would work, have a look at the Nannytax website.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional nanny?

Simply put, your child or children will have complete attention and care from the nanny.  This means your child can do the things they enjoy with the supervision and care of a professional.  It gives the family more flexibility and it means your child can be developed in any areas they need to be – a really positive option all round!

Polo & Tweed are experienced in recruitment and placing with families around the world – regardless of what you need, we can help you find a wonderful part time, full time, live in or live out nanny – we can adjust the search specifically for your needs.  If you’d like to speak to us more about finding a professional nanny for your family – please drop us a line and one of our lovely consultants will be in touch with the next steps.

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