The Difference Between a Gardener and a Landscaper


Published on November 23, 2020

Do you know the difference between a gardener and a landscaper? When you are looking for someone to look after your outside space. Is it important to know exactly what you are looking for. And what type of person, with what type of background, would suit the work best. Only then can you have successful results for you, and your outside space.

So what really is the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

Firstly, it is important to point out the similarities between a gardener and a landscaper. They both work in a very similar field, being outdoor spaces. This can both be private gardens and grounds, or public areas. Their work can be similar and at times even cross over. Both gardeners and landscapers will have some knowledge of plants, soil, and planting. They are both able to work in and maintain a garden, and plant flowers, plants and shrubs in a correct way to make it grow healthily and look nice. Also, both gardeners and landscapers would be able to do some repairs of fencing, etc.

And this is instantly where the big differences start.

The Main Difference

So let’s get to the point. Landscapers are people who do outdoor, garden or public space, building work. Here you can think of building fencing, walls, driveways and patios, for example. This is sometimes also called ‘hardscaping’. Whereas a gardener might help out with those areas, but they are really mostly specialised and skilled in working with plants and flowers. Where to plant, how to plant, and how to take care of them.

Landscapers in general will have more specific qualifications for the work they do. For landscapers, there is a lot more actual building work they do. So that will require certain qualifications or trade licences. They are also more likely to use heavy-duty equipment which they might need certificates for too.

It is good to bear in mind that some gardeners also do landscaping work, and vice versa. But in general, they are two separate specialities and one person might be much better at one thing than the other!

Gardener Tasks & Skills

  • To know everything about plants, flowers and shrubs and how they grow.
  • To know the best position in your garden for any type of plant.
  • Pruning plants appropriately and where needed.
  • To grow vegetables and fruits, and knowing which ones do best where, and in which season.
  • Cutting lawns
  • Recognise and deal with diseases and infestations.
  • keeping soil healthy and fertilise.
  • Tree care and wood chopping (more specialist work would require a tree surgeon).

Landscaper Tasks & Skills

  • Design & build of new gardens and outside spaces including driveways, fencing, gazebos, pavements, decks, terraces etc.
  • Some landscapers do both design & build, some do the labour/build side of things, and a specific architect would come in to do the design.
  • All the construction prep & grounds work.
  • Analyse grounds, soil and spaces to make sure the build will be suited.
  • Ordering suitable products needed for the build.
  • Construction of any of the above. Including walls, barbeque areas, ponds etc. For a swimming pool, you would normally need a specialist swimming pool company, but your landscaper might have the contacts or can supervise the build.

Who Is Suited For You?

If you are looking to hire someone to take care of your outside space, it is important to know you are making the right decision. If you are looking for a complete redesign or rebuild of your garden or outside space. You will probably want to focus on finding the right landscaper for you. However, if your main concern is the maintenance of the garden. Caring for plants, shrubs, flowers, etc, then a gardener will most likely be most suited. As they will be able to stay on top of the overall maintenance of the garden and all its plants.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Do you now know the difference between a gardener and a landscaper? They really are quite different. So depending on what you are looking for will determine which one you should consider to hire.  If you would like help and guidance with the process, Polo & Tweed can help! Our highly experienced recruitment consultants are here take all the stress away from the process of finding a new landscaper or gardener for you. We only have the best gardeners and landscapers on our books who are all fully vetted and checked. So we will be able to find the right people for you with ease. Why not contact us now to see how we can help!

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