How Long Does It Take To Hire A Live In Nanny?

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Published on March 21, 2021

Do you know how long it takes to hire a live in nanny? If you know you will need a (new) live in nanny for your family soon, you need to start planning. Finding the right nanny is crucial for you and your family. So you want to make sure you have enough time to find the correct match. And not feel rushed and choose a nanny that does not fit your family needs. Especially when it comes to a live in nanny. As they will be so heavily involved in family life! Find out here how long it takes to hire a live in nanny and plan accordingly.

The Recruitment Process

Let’s go straight into it. On average, from start to finish, the recruitment process for a live in nanny can take between 6 weeks to 3 months. That might sound like a very long time. But take into account this is from the absolute start. From the moment you have decided you want to find a live in nanny. To the moment the job is offered, and the contract signed.

And this is an average. Sometimes it will only take a couple of weeks. And other times, especially if you have specific requirements, it can take longer. It also just so depends on when the nanny you want to hire is available. And so many other factors can play a role too. The main one is how you decide to find and recruit the live in nanny.

Different Recruitment Routes

There are several different routes you can take when it comes to hire your new live in nanny. You can either self recruit, or use an agency. An Agency would charge you a fee, but never upfront, to start a search. Make sure you read and sign the agency T&Cs before you start the search so all is clear for the whole process. And you know what to expect, and what the agency can do for you.

Even though self recruiting might seem tempting because it is free, it can actually cost you in the long run! Professional agencies work extremely hard to find and vet the best candidates in the industry. Most of the hard work is in the preparation, which is done before you even speak to the agency. They will (or at least should!) have all the candidates vetted and checked. Meaning they are who they say they are. They have excellent references and the right qualifications. Meaning you do not have to worry about any of that when candidates are presented to you.

If you self recruit, you might not have time to vet and check everyone. Or you might not be exactly clear on how to do it. Which means that you might find a candidate who seems or sounds suited, but doesn’t turn out to be. You can waste a lot of time on interviewing, and maybe even offering someone the job. Who wasn’t right in the first place.

How To Speed It Up

Now that we know it can take up to several months to hire a suited live in nanny, you can plan. But there are ways you can help the process. Of course, it is important to remember that each situation is different. Sometimes the right person simply might not come around quicker than other times.

But there are certain steps you can take that may help in speeding up the process a bit. Without missing any important steps in the recruitment process for your new live in nanny.

Be Clear On Your Expectations

Make sure that from the very start you are very clear on what it is exactly you are looking for in a live in nanny. And communicate this clearly. Either with the agency that is helping you find someone or with the candidates you are speaking to directly. If you create a job spec yourself, put all the details in there. This is not the time to be vague about the job role. Things like salary and working hours need to be on there.

You will only find the right person if you set the right expectations. So if you leave crucial details out, such as salary or working days, you might attract the wrong candidates. Which will make the process go on for much longer than needed.

Do you want the live in nanny to work weekends? Then make this clear. Make a list of all the things the live in nanny should and must do, and communicate.

Use An Agency

It was already briefly mentioned above. But using an agency to find your new live in nanny can significantly speed up the process. Simply because they have done a lot of hard work for you already. You will not have to vet candidates, check their references and qualifications. All the candidates sent to you from an agency should already be vetted and suited fo the job. This means you can instantly pick candidates you want to interview, and set that up.

Don’t Skip Trials

This might sound contradictive – as surely doing a trial after the interview stage takes more time? In the short run, yes, a little bit. But it is such an important step to make sure you can find the right live in nanny for you and your family. You can only find out so much in an interview. It is such a short moment in time. Whereas in a trial you can really find out what it is live to have this person around. You are looking for someone to live in with you and your family. So you want to make sure it is the right fit! A trial does not have to be very long, even a day, or a couple of days can give you a creat indication already. And give you much more confidence you have found the right person for you and your family, for the long run.

What If You Have No Time

For whatever reason, it can happen that you need a nanny as soon as possible. Perhaps your current live in nanny had to leave suddenly. Or any other circumstances may mean you need a nanny to help out as soon as possible. At that stage, finding at temporary nanny is something an agency can help you with. They should be able to find you a nanny to come and help out within a day or two. Please note: this person will probably not fit the full spec of what you are looking for in a long term nanny. But they will be qualified, and available to give you the emergency care you are after. Whilst you can continue the search for your new long term live in nanny.

Do you now know how long it takes to hire a live in nanny? Would you prefer to self recruit, or have an agency help you out? if you are looking for the most efficient, stress-free way to find a new nanny, do give us a call.  Polo & Tweed have a very extensive vetting and registration process for any of their candidates. Meaning only the best candidates will be selected and presented to you. Our highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate. So why not get in touch and we look forward to finding 1 great new live in nanny for you and your family.


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