What Is The Difference Between a House Manager And An Estate Manager?

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Published on March 5, 2021

Many people would have heard of a house manager or an estate manager, but some people assume they are the same role. What are the key differences between these two roles? Also what tasks are similar and different between the two?

Firstly, there is one obvious difference between these two roles. A house manager manages a property or house. Whereas an estate manager is in charge of a whole estate. Or even a set of properties. There are other differences as well. These are based on the tasks and responsibilities of the two jobs. There are similarities between the two as well as sometimes tasks and responsibilities can cross. However, these are two completely different jobs. To get a better understanding of the differences, it is important to know what both roles are. And what jobs they are required to do.

What is a House Manager?

Clients who are looking for someone who can manage their household completely will turn to a house manager. A house manager will sometimes be the only staff member in a small house. Or they could be in charge of a number of other domestic staff in a bigger property.

Main Tasks

The roles given to a house manager will differ from household to household. And will depend on what the principal requires. Generally, the house manager would have some main responsibilities. These are to oversee the running of the house is going smoothly, ensuring good general upkeep and maintenance of the property and land. If the household has domestic staff working on the property, the house manager could be tasked with supervising them. This will be to ensure that work is being completed to a high standard and on time. The final main responsibility is general administration and managing the budgets of the house. A house manager would normally liaise with contractors and handle maintenance problems around the house.

Other Tasks

Depending on the household and staff working on the property. The house manager could also help with the housekeeping tasks, keeping the house in pristine condition and making sure everything is up to the principal’s standards. They could also be given similar tasks to a butler, like serving champagne, greeting guests or helping with chauffeuring duties. This again will completely depend on the household and what is agreed in the contract.

What is an Estate Manager?

An estate manager is hired to work on an estate or large property with acres of land. This is the main difference between a house manager and an estate manager, as an estate manager has to handle more complex and larger properties. They can help with a wide range of tasks and make life much easier for the family they work for.

Many Different Tasks

Depending on the property the estate manager works on, they may also have to manage the family home as well. If this is the case, they would have similar responsibilities to a house manager. On top of ensuring the whole estate and land is kept in good condition. Meaning they might be tasked with housekeeping, chauffeuring and butlering tasks. They could also be in charge of the staff working in the family home. Like butlers or housekeepers, for example. However, some estate managers will just be in charge of everything but the family house. In this case, the estate manager would be in charge of the outside domestic staff like the gardeners, farmworkers or cleaners. It would be their responsibility to ensure that the property is up to standard.

Estates like Businesses

Some estates are run like a business, as they may host social events, have a farm or host weddings. It would be the estate manager’s role to keep track of the money coming in and out from these events. If there was an event on the property also, like a wedding, the estate manager would be in charge of making sure everything is prepared. So they may have to book additional workers or entertainment.

If the property has a farm, the estate manager could be responsible for the animals to make sure that they are well cared for. They could also be the person to solve any problems, like calling the vet and trying to rectify the issue if animals are unwell. Any crops or plants would also need to be kept in good condition.

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