Great Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

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Published on December 5, 2016

With the holiday period fast approaching, you may have already organised your ‘to buy’ list for family members and staff.  If (like many of us) you’ve got rather busy with every other ‘to do list’ and need some quick inspiration on what to buy for your much loved nanny, we’ve written our top 10 gift ideas that every nanny will love.

Here’s your guide to some fun and unique gift ideas for you to give to your nanny.

1.Cash Bonus

We know it sounds a little cold, but in a recent survey we conducted, most professional nannies said they appreciated a cash bonus on special occasions.  This is not because a nanny is driven by money, but rather it allows them to put the money where they see fit.

Some nannies might send the money home to family, others might buy gifts for their own families, or some might spend it on their most desired thing – regardless of where the money goes, you can be sure it will be appreciated.  As a guideline, some of our clients like to give cash bonuses of 1 month salary to the nanny, but you can be as generous as you see fit.  Every bit will be well received.

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2. Spa Day

It’s a bit cliche, but all nannies love a bit of pampering.  After all they have spent days and months caring for children and it’s not a relaxing job (no matter how well behaved the children are).  Take the opportunity to buy a spa day gift at either a choice of your favourite spa, or use a company like Red Letter Day and pick some of their favourite spa experiences.  This way the nanny can redeem the spa day on a day that works for them and their busy schedule.

3. Vouchers

If you feel uncomfortable giving cash then consider giving vouchers.  There are many vouchers you could give, from iTunes, spa’s, shops.  Think about what your nanny likes to do on her spare time and buy the voucher to allow her to enjoy her favourite past-time guilt free!  It’s a great alternative to cash.

4. Jewellery

Depending on the style of your nanny, it might be that you decide to opt for a more classic gift.  This can be in the form of jewellery or watches.  Buying a statement piece like this will very much show the nanny that you are thinking of them, and this will be a well received gift.  But it’s always worth keeping the receipt just in case.  Most shops will print a gift receipt that excludes the price.

5. Flight

If you have a live in nanny or a nanny whose home land is not the country they work in, it would be an extremely well received gift to give flight vouchers or a return flight to their home land.  This would mean that they could book to go and see their family (on their next holiday) and know that they have a complimentary trip.  If you have lots of air miles you could even provide her the experience free, so its a really practical gift for a foreign nanny.

6. Personal

It is easy to buy personal gifts for a nanny, but making something personal ads a sentimental touch and increases the value of your gift. We love this unique shop which allows you to personalise thousands of beautiful gifts by name or personality.  Giving a gift like this will make a big impact and be much loved by your nanny.

7. Holiday

If you’re feeling generous this year, why not give your nanny an all inclusive holiday experience they can redeem on their next holiday period?  An incredible gift like this would be much appreciated and would allow your hard working nanny a good chance to get some well earned rest.

8. Perfume

A classic gift, if you’ve spotted (or smelt) your nannies favourite scent, then why not treat them to a new bottle?  It’s a classic gift and you can’t go wrong with this (but don’t start to experiment as it’s important you buy the right scent as this is a deeply personal thing).

9. Dinner

Sometimes a gesture is as well-received as a physical gift.  Perhaps consider booking a favourite restaurant and taking your nanny out for a wonderful evening of lovely food and drinks.  It will allow you to spend some quality time, but don’t forget to book a baby sitter so your nanny doesn’t have to work at her own dinner!

10. Clothing

This is a gift option we only recommend if you know your nanny extremely well.  Clothing is a personal choice and you’ll have to consider size, colour and style for your nanny.  Regardless if you buy an accessory like a handbag or shoes or clothes, try to obtain a gift receipt so the item can be exchanged if it doesn’t fit or isn’t to the style of the nanny.


Did this list inspire you with gift ideas for your nanny? Ultimately you will know the type of gift your nanny will most like to receive.  But if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an item from the above list.  Trust us!  If you would like to hire a nanny or looking for a new nanny – Polo & Tweed can help! Why not contact us today to speak to one of our experienced recruitment consultants. And we can find a great new nanny for you and your family.


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