Hire A Private Chef to Kickstart Healthy Habits


Published on June 2, 2020

Summer is approaching fast, and many people might consider a change of diet or lifestyle to feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic. But it can be really difficult to break to the slump of, for example, a bad diet without any help or support. You should consider hiring a private chef to kickstart those healthy habits! It will give you knowledge, skills, guidance, and someone to keep you accountable. A real worthy investment to make in yourself!

So how can a Private Chef help to kickstart healthy habits?

A Private Chef Shows You Where to Start

It can be really challenging knowing where to start when it comes to changing diet and lifestyle. Hiring a private chef can really make a difference to kickstart your new healthy habits. Maybe you should look at adding exercise to your routine, but in most cases changing your diet will make the biggest – longest-lasting difference.

Firstly, a chef will show you where to start, by making a plan with you. An experienced health chef will know all about nutrition, health, and how you can reach your goals. Your chef will find out what your current eating and drinking habits are. And together with you will make a realistic plan on how you can change this for the better. They will come up with a great, and achievable meal plan for you to follow.

It is all about making small changes, to not put you off. That can make you fall back into old habits! A health chef will make it achievable and realistic. The great thing about having a private chef is that they will keep things exciting for you. They know flavours, textures and flavour combinations like no other.

Truly, with a private health chef on board, you will kickstart your new healthy habits in no time!

A Private Chef Takes The Work Out Of It

Trying to be healthier and changing potentially unhealthy habits can be hard work, especially when you have a busy life. Whether it might be work, children or a hectic social schedule. Trying to fit in a new healthy lifestyle without any help is extremely challenging. A healthy new diet will consist of freshly cooked meals from scratch. Including wholesome snacks, breakfast and lunch.

But if you find yourself in a rush from the minute the alarms goes off in the morning, cooking a wholesome freshly prepared breakfast will probably be the last thing on your mind. The same goes for dinner. Imagine you have had a long, stressful day and you arrive home late. Would you still be able to motivate yourself to go into the kitchen to cook a full meal? Maybe once, or twice. But chances are you will slip up and order that greasy takeaway instead.

Incoming the Private Chef! They will be there ready for you when you come home with a freshly prepared meal, fully following your new meal plan or diet. Same goes for breakfast and lunch. The Chef will fill your fridge and cupboards with healthy snacks to curb any craving. They will do shopping, food prep and even cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen.

Even when your Chef has a day off, they will make sure to either has done food prep for you or have something ready-made that you only have to warm up or defrost when you come home. So you can keep living your busy life, but kickstart those healthy habits without even lifting a finger!

A Private Chef Will Keep You Accountable

How many times will you have found yourself trying a new healthier diet or lifestyle, only to give up after a week or two?

Again, when you hire a private chef this won’t happen! One of the main reasons why people cannot stick to a new healthy lifestyle is because it simply doesn’t fit in with their daily lives. As you can read in the paragraph above, your chef will make sure to take all the stress of prepping, shopping, and cooking away from you.

Another reason for people to give up is that they grow tired of eating lettuce all day every day. Which is only natural, especially if you come from a very different diet! Your chef will make sure to have a meal plan that works for you. Do you love chocolate? Your chef will create amazing dishes to hit your chocolate craving! Enjoy pasta? Again, your chef will find a way to satisfy that craving, whilst staying within your calorific deficit.

Basically, a chef will keep you accountable. They take all the hard work out of it and will do all the thinking for you. Follow their meal plan, have their amazing food and you won’t even feel like you are missing out because all the flavours will be so amazing!

A private chef can really change your, and your family’s life for the better. And after all, an investment in your health is the best investment you can make!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Does this information inspire you to find out if a private chef might be for you? Why not get in touch with us, so we can talk you through the options. Private chefs come in all different types of set ups and options. And we have a wide range of high calibre and experienced chefs trained in all sorts of different healthy cuisines. Contact us now to find out how you can kickstart healthy habits by hiring a private chef!

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