Hire a Maternity Nurse To Help With Breastfeeding


Published on May 29, 2020

Having a newborn baby is probably one of the most exciting, but can also be one of the most challenging times of your life. You can feel exhausted, emotional, and very stressed with all the new things that are happening with you, your body and your baby. Breastfeeding can be a big part of the stress in these first months. But there are lots of ways to get help with this. A great option is to hire a Maternity Nurse, to help you with breastfeeding. It can make a big difference!

So how does hiring a Maternity Nurse help with breastfeeding?

Knowledge & Structure

A Maternity Nurse is a trained professional. They know everything there is to know about newborns, babies, and new mothers. They will have followed extensive training. And have lots of suitable qualifications regarding newborn and postnatal care. They are a true source of knowledge and will know everything you need to know! Maternity Nurses come with many years of experience. And they will have helped so many mothers through those first scary days, weeks and months.

Having a Maternity Nurse there to share all their knowledge with you is a really invaluable experience. Hiring a Maternity Nurse is an investment, but one worth making. With all their knowledge they will come up with a plan for you regarding breastfeeding. They will share all their knowledge with you. And together with you they will work out a way how breastfeeding can fit in with you, and your baby. Having someone there the make a structured plan will take all this stress away from you. You can relax more, focus on the tasks at hand knowing that you are on the right path. And that your Maternity Nurse is making sure everything is going to plan and adjust where needs be!


Breastfeeding is a skill. And it can be an extremely challenging one! It might not be possible for every mother to breastfeed at all, or for as long as she initially thought. It can be painful, stressful, and very challenging to stick to.

This is where your Maternity Nurse will help too. They can show you all of the right and most comfortable, breastfeeding skills and techniques. Rather than having to battle through it yourself, by hiring a Maternity Nurse they can give you all the tips and tricks. They will monitor how well things are going if your baby is getting enough milk and if anything needs to be adjusted throughout the process.

By the time your Maternity Nurse leaves you will have a solidly set up breastfeeding routine and all the skills to keep you and your baby happy and healthy!

General Support

Hiring a Maternity Nurse will give you so much more than just help with breastfeeding though!

They are there to support you with anything you can think of regarding your newborn. They will teach you, and help you in changing and bathing the baby, and setting up a (sleeping) routine for you and your baby. Your Maternity Nurse will often be hired for approximately 12 weeks on a 12/7 or 24/7 basis. Meaning they can also cover night shifts – so that they are always there if needed during those first scary weeks and months!

Maternity Nurses come with all the suitable training and qualifications. From how to breast and bottle feed, sleep, bathing, routine and comfort techniques etc. More highly qualified Maternity Nurses can behold advanced knowledge in complex feeding issues, gut health, and birthing and may also have osteopathic, obstetric, and psychological knowledge, such as how to deal with and support postnatal depression.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed work with families all over the world, finding the most suitable Maternity Nurses for them and for their situation. Polo & Tweed have a wide variety of amazing Maternity Nurses on their books ready to help you and your new family. Whether this is for a couple of days or several months, we can find the right person for you. To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!


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