What Is A Live In Nanny?


Published on January 25, 2021

Are you interested in hiring a live in nanny, but not entirely sure what they offer or what they do? And whether a live in nanny would be the right fit for your family?

A live in nanny lives in the property or on the property grounds. So it is pivotal for any person looking to hire a live in housekeeper to be certain they have appropriate space for the nanny to work. They are also typically offered packages because of this on top of their salary. This can be things such as access to a car, food (when on duty at the very least) and other perks such as bills being covered. This is different from a live out nanny. Who will live in their own accommodation and will commute to work each day they are working.

Like any nanny, a live in nanny’s routine will be unique depending on the demands and needs of the family they work for. They will normally work 5-6 day weeks with the family morning through to evening. And can often be flexible with hours as they will be staying close to the house. With Covid-19 restrictions as well, a live in nanny would be the preferred option out of the two. This is due to the reason that they won’t be mixing households by going to and from work.

 What Tasks Can a Live In Nanny Help With?

A live in Nanny can assist with a range of different tasks which could include:

Morning routine

A typical day for a live in nanny would mean waking up early to make breakfast. And to ensure that the children are up on time. A usual task in the morning would be to make sure the children are ready for the day. Whether they are going to school or taking part in daily activities. Outfits would be organised for the children depending on their daily routine for that day. And the live in nanny could also be in charge of washing the children. So that they are prepared for the day ahead. If it is a school day a live in nanny would also pack the school bags. As well as making bottles and pack snacks for the kids.

School/Nursery drop off

Depending on the age of the children the nanny is responsible for they may do multiple drop-offs in one morning. As they would be tasked with getting the kids to school or nursery on time. Ensuring that they are not late. The live in nanny is normally the main point of contact with the teachers at the school or nursery. If this is the case they will receive regular updates. To find out how the children are getting on at school academically and in terms of behaviour. These updates are then passed on to the parents. So that they are aware of how their children are doing.

Daily Activities

Tasks change from day to day as a live in nanny. And will be completely unique to the family they are working with. If kids are home they have to be entertained. So that is the main task for the nanny. To ensure children are getting exercise and are not stuck at home bored. For this reason trips to the park, playing games with the children or helping out with any homework the child may have are typical jobs the live in nanny would do to keep the children happy. The nanny will also have to prepare lunch for the children. And make sure they are supplied with snacks throughout the day.

Evening Routine

The nanny would usually prepare dinner for the children before bathing them if required and getting them ready for bed. If the family has young children a live in nanny may need to read to them until they fall asleep. Nannies are often well experienced and prepared to be able to tackle bedtimes without a fuss! After the kids are in bed the live in nanny would normally clean up from dinner and begin preparing for the next day. This preparation for the following day normally consists of preparing clothes/uniform or packing school bags. Many parents like to receive a brief report from the live in nanny to find out how things are going with their children. This report normally is for discussing what the children have done each day, how they’re getting on with school or what they are eating etc.

If you are interested in searching for a live in Nanny to assist with making your family routines run more smoothly, Polo & Tweed can help! Our highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate. Why not get in touch and we would love to chat with you about a live in nanny for you and your family.

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