What Is A Maternity Nurse?


Published on April 25, 2020

Have you ever heard of the term Maternity Nurse? You might have seen it come across – but do you really know all they can do? It will be so much more than you think! Also, when looking for help, it is good to know what a Maternity does and does not do, so you can make the best decision for what you and your family need.

So, what is a Maternity Nurse?

Tasks and duties

A Maternity Nurse can be an amazing and very worthwhile investment for you, your newborn, and your family. When you have your first child everything can seem very scary and new. Who really knows what to do as a first-time parent, after all? That’s right – a Maternity Nurse does! They do not only have years of experience but are especially trained and educated in helping, teaching, and guiding you through the first weeks or months with your newborn.

They are there to support you with anything you can think of regarding your newborn. How to feed and doing the actual feeding, changing and bathing the baby, and setting up a (sleeping) routine for you and your baby.

The duties of a Maternity Nurse also involve teaching you about your baby and its cues. They will often be hired for approximately 12 weeks on a 12/6 or 24/6 basis. Meaning they can also cover night shifts – so that they are always there if needed during those first scary weeks and months!  If you needed 7 day a week cover, then you could consider hiring two maternity nurses to work on a rota.

Maternity Nurses come with all the suitable training and qualifications. From how to breast and bottle feed, sleep, bathing, routine and comfort techniques etc. More highly qualified Maternity Nurses can behold advanced knowledge in complex feeding issues, gut health, and birthing and may also have osteopathic, obstetric, and psychological knowledge, such as how to deal with and support postnatal depression.

What do they Not do

  • Cleaning:
    • A Maternity Nurse is there to look after your newborn first and foremost, and to help you as parents. They are not a cleaner or housekeeper so will not get involved in cleaning, Hoovering, mopping or any other household cleaning related tasks
  • Cooking:
    • Your Nurse may show you how to best prepare milk for your baby, or when you start weaning, to show you appropriate recipes. A Maternity Nurse, however, is not a chef or a cook and is not expected to be cooking meals for you or your family.
  • PA duties:
    • The Nurse will not book in any doctors appointments for you, nor will they select nurseries or schools etc. Their sole focus is on you and your newborn in those first precious couple of months. Having said that, lots of Maternity Nurses will have excellent connections and might be able to (if they offer!) recommend a local nursery or childcare/nanny support after they leave.
  • Long term Nanny support:
    • A Maternity Nurse is there to support you and your newborn in the first couple of weeks or months. Normally a Maternity Nurse would stay for a maximum of 12 weeks. If you want support after that, a Maternity Nanny would be a suitable option.

Payment & cost

Payment for Maternity Nurses can differ a lot. You really get what you pay for. If you want someone with more than 10+ years of experience as a Maternity Nurse, and maybe carry medical qualifications (an ex-nurse, for example), expect to pay a premium.

As Maternity Nurse bookings tend to be short term placements (between 3 months to 6 months), the salaries are calculated on a day rate.  The below day rates are reflective of 24 hours of care.

The below is the Polo & Tweed general guide to salary, based on a placement in the UK. Please note this can still vary/change per placement and situation

Entry-level/Less experienced 
£200-250 gross per day (single baby) and £250-350 gross per day (multiple babies)

Mid-level/More experienced 
£250-350 gross per day (single baby) and £350-450 gross per day (multiple babies)

High level/Very experienced 
£350+ gross per day (single baby) and £450+ gross per day (multiple babies)

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed work with families all over the world, finding the most suitable Maternity Nurses for them and for their situation. Polo & Tweed have a wide variety of amazing Maternity Nurses on their books ready to come help you and your family. Whether this is for a couple of days, or several months, we can find the right person for you. To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!



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