Benefits of Using Housekeeping Services


Published on June 13, 2019

There are lots of benefits to hiring a housekeeper. Here's some you might not have thought about. Click To TweetHiring a housekeeper or using a housekeeping service is now accessible to all; from working professionals through to busy families. Having someone to come and manage and clean your house is more affordable and more accessible than ever.

So what are the benefits of hiring housekeeper service?

Hiring a housekeeper is a great stress buster

Managing your house and deep cleaning takes time. Whilst you are working a busy job or providing a taxi service for the children, there’s little time left for household chores.

Cleaning can be stressful – unless you enjoy cleaning – as you’ll be preoccupied with other things that you could be doing, especially after a busy day at the office or looking after children.

If you want to avoid that stress or don’t have enough time to do the housework, then outsource the cleaning to someone else. It is one of the great benefits of using housekeeping services! You’ll be more at ease when you can concentrate on tasks that need your full attention.

Professionals have the professional touch

While you may take two hours to clean your bathroom, a seasoned professional will take half that time! Another one of the great benefits of using housekeeping services.
Your professional housekeeper will know the best products to use to get the best results. They will know the best equipment to source for the household, and they will have the skills to deal with even the toughest of stains. On top of this they will be skilled with wardrobe management, cooking or other skills which can enhance your life. It’s simply down to what you need them to do to make your life easier. So sit back and relax whilst the professionals get the job done in half the time!

Make a cleaning schedule that works

If you don’t have professional help, you might just be fitting in the duties around your life and work. With a professional housekeeper in service, you can ensure that the timetable is managed around your own work and life. Perhaps you want to come home to a beautifully organized and clean home with fresh food ready for you to eat?

Or perhaps you want a housekeeper to visit while you’re away at the weekend. The schedule can be completely fitted around your existing schedule – and you’ll have the reliability of weekly, daily or even full-time housekeeping in your property.

Hire when events call for it

Maybe you are hosting a big event or moving house. You can hire a housekeeper to clean up after the event, leaving you to focus on the other duties at hand.

A professional housekeeper should be flexible with your family life and give you the highest level of support, working the extra hours when life gets busy and you need a professional pair of hands.

Life becomes a luxury when you hire a housekeeper

Time is a luxury. Professionals and busy families enjoy more quality time when they use a housekeeping service. Having a housekeeper simply makes life easier and more productive.

  • You can put your feet up and relax at the end of a busy or hectic day.
  • You can spend time doing the things you love, seeing friends, spending time with your loved ones, walking your dog or travelling.
  • The home atmosphere will be greatly improved. A tidy, clean and well managed home makes everyone feel for positive about life.
  • Your home should be your castle – even if you don’t literally have a castle. The more you look after it, the more enjoyable your space will be to live in. Plus if you own your house, your investment is protected by regular upkeep. Win, win!


How can Polo & Tweed help?

You want to get the right match for you and your property. Each professional housekeeper brings a variety of skills and experience to the job. By working with a professional recruitment service, we can help you find the perfect match without the hassle and stress of vetting or wading through hundreds of resumes.

Polo & Tweed work with clients in London and around the world to find them the very best housekeeper. We would be delighted to hear about your specific needs and one of our experienced consultants can help you discuss the next steps. Please get in touch with us here to start the initial enquiry.


  1. Greta James says:

    I love that you point out that you can build a cleaning schedule that fits your lifestyle such as how busy you are and how dirty your house gets. My sister and her husband are very busy this time of year and their 4 kids are not making cleaning easy. I wonder if they would benefit from a professional cleaning service that could help them keep the place nice!

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Yes – the cleaning schedule really helps make the daily life in the household run smoothly. Do let us know if we can help recruit any staff members for your sister!

  2. Sabrina Addams says:

    You made such a great point that staffing housekeepers can help you to better relax after a busy day and increase the positivity of your home environment. My parents just moved to Beverly Hills, CA for their retirement and are thinking of staffing housekeepers. I’ll call them tonight and let them know these wonderful benefits of doing so.

  3. Jon says:

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    Housekeeping can’t be explained in a much better way than this write up. You did an amazing task and appreciate your research and knowledge.
    Good work!

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  8. Fred Gibbons says:


    It’s interesting that you point out that hiring a professional to clean your home for you can save you a lot of time.

    I’d like to have more time to devote to my hobbies when I get home from work, so I’m thinking about hiring a residential house cleaning service.

    I’m going to search for a reputable provider of house cleaning services in my area to hire.

    • mm Aafke Meelen says:

      Hello Fred,

      Thank you very much for getting in touch. Yes, hiring a cleaner or Housekeeper can make such a difference and will save you lots of time! We can definitely help you find a suitable housekeeper if you would like to – do have a look on our website here on how we could help you!

  9. Akasso says:

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