Should You Hire Domestic Staff For Your Home?

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Published on October 31, 2020

Are you at the point where you feel like you could do with some more help in and around the house? Or perhaps with the children, or pets? It might be time to consider if you should hire domestic staff for your home. And if this is a completely new world for you, it can feel a little unclear on where to start. What to think about. And what the options may be. Find out all about how to hire domestic staff for your home!

Why Hire Domestic Staff

There are many different reasons why people might want to hire domestic staff in their house. Life can get extremely busy. To the point that it might feel overwhelming at times. And we simply cannot always do it all. So hiring a member of staff fo your household can be a great decision to make for you and your family.


One of the most popular types of domestic staff to hire is childcare. This can be anything from nannies to tutors and maternity nurses. Having someone help you out with childcare can make a very big difference in your life, and that of your children. The extra support, knowledge and skill professional nannies and other childcare staff can bring, is invaluable. As a new parent, you would be able to learn so much from a maternity nurse. And having a nanny can really make a difference in the day to day running of your household. And could, for example, mean that you can go back to work or get on with other stuff you didn’t have time for before!

House Maintenance

Another great option to consider when looking at domestic staff is those who can clean and keep up the house and grounds around it. So then you will be looking at a housekeeper and gardeners or groundsmen for your outside space.

A Housekeeper is so much more than someone who cleans your house. The clue is in the title. They really keep up your house. They can manage shopping and deliveries, organise things for you and the children and some housekeepers are great cooks too. A Butler is another very popular option. A Butler can do so many things – from food and drinks service to being your personal or family assistant, shopping and overall management of your life.

House Maintenance staff does not stop just there. You could consider a Valet or Lady’s Maid if you are in need fo specific wardrobe care or specific assistance. Or what about a chauffeur to bring you and your family anywhere you need to be – no more worrying about traffic or doing the school run!

Or if you want to up the security for your house of family, you can invest in private household security staff to really keep everyone safe at all times.

Organisational Staff

There are so many different types of domestic staff to choose from, but another category can be roughly defined as organisational. Here you can think about House Manager, Estate Managers and Personal Assistants. All in their own rights will be able to offer the smoothest running of your life, staff and household. So that you really do not have to worry about anything anymore.

Where To Find Domestic Staff

Once you know what type of domestic staff you are looking for, the search begins. There are many different ways of finding domestic staff, but you want to do it well.

You could consider self-hiring. This simply means doing everything yourself. From getting a job spec out there to selecting CVs, doing interviews, checking references and hiring. There are social media groups you can use for finding staff and websites such as Reed and Gumtree.

Self-hiring can be very time consuming and challenging too. Do you have the time to go through what could be hundreds of CVs? Of candidates that might not even be suitable? And then check references, and follow up on everyone?

If you want complete peace of mind, use a professional domestic staff agency to find a new member of staff for you. They will have years of experience and an extensive network of high quality and fully vetted candidates ready for you to consider!

How To Hire Domestic Staff

Have you ever hired a member of staff before? There are many things you need to consider, depending on the country you are in. First of all, whatever salary you agree on, you need to pay at least the country’s set minimum wage. Also make sure you are up to date on legal requirements when it comes to days off, and how long your new member of staff can work without a break.

You could consider employing someone, which means you are responsible as their employer. You will have to register your new staff member and are responsible for paying for their tax and national insurance, for starters.

Another option is to have someone be self-employed if you do not want the hassle of employment. The preference is up to you, but employing someone does give more security.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Are you ready to hire domestic staff for your household? Polo & Tweed can help! Our team of highly experienced international recruitment consultants will be able to fully take over the process for you. From creating the job spec, to vetting and selecting the best candidates for your setup. Let us do all the hard work and you will have the security and safety knowing that everything is organised. So that you only get the best domestic staff for you and your family. Why not get in touch with us now to find out how we can help. 

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