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Housekeeping Cooking Services

Published on February 21, 2020

Need a housekeeper and a cook? Here's what you need to know about housekeeping and cooking services, plus the costs Click To TweetNeed some extra help at home? With busy work schedules, demanding children or just limited time, household chores can build up. The highest demand for in-home help is for housekeeping with cooking services thrown in.
You can get casual, part- and full-time help with this mix of housekeeping services to ensure your home is cared for, and enjoy having dinner ready for you when you get home.

What are the types and benefits of housekeeping with cooking service?

What are the benefits of housekeeping cooking services?

Saving time is the most significant benefit that comes with outsourcing housekeeping and cooking; ideal when you work long hours, travel regularly or just don’t want to cook for yourself.

You also benefit from having professional help so you can put your feet up. Busy properties need constant attention but even vacant properties need to be regularly visited so they can be aired frequently.

Overall you get peace of mind by combining a housekeeping cooking service. You can focus on work, family, relaxation or travel knowing that your housekeeping gets done while you’re away and all your cooking is done.

Housekeeper – cooking services and costs

There are many types of housekeeping cooking services to choose from depending on your needs. Here is an overview of the popular ones.

  1. Live-out Housekeeper/Cook – Suitable for either ad-hoc, part time or full time support.  Always used by properties that don’t have the space (or need) to offer a live-in package to their housekeeper.
  2. Live-in Housekeeper/Cook – Suitable for part- or full-time support. Better suited to properties needing more flexibility, and/or security for when the property is vacant.
  3. Travelling Housekeeper/Cook – Suitable for clients that have multiple properties and need a travel companion to ensure that all the properties are cared for. Such a housekeeper might travel with the client to cater to all their cooking requirements.

What should you expect to pay a housekeeper – cook?

  1. Live-out Housekeeper/Cook – The market rate in London starts at £14 gross per hour. This figure varies with area and country. The overall package affects the hourly rate.
  2. Live-in Housekeeper/Cook – Market rates are less; from between £10-12 gross per hour. Again, the package offered and additional perks affect the hourly rate.
  3. Travelling Housekeeper/Cook – Depending on the hours worked, including anti-social hours during nights and weekends the price varies. Expect to pay upwards from £15 gross per hour depending on other duties and perks.

What are the characteristics of good housekeeping cooking services?

Reliability, professionalism and attention to detail are key factors in a committed housekeeper and cook.

By extending your trust in a person to provide you with both housekeeping and cooking services, you are in turn expecting them to respect your property, your valuables, your children and your pets.

Each housekeeper/cook should possess problem-solving abilities. Most importantly you need someone that can hit the ground running. You don’t want to spend months teaching your housekeeper how to do the job.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Polo & Tweed work with clients around the world, providing them with incredible candidates. We take note of your job specifications, listen to your needs and then match suitable housekeeper profiles to you. You can tailor your search to the duties you need your housekeeper to do.

Get in touch with us here to talk with one of our recruitment consultants.

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