A Day in the Life of a Nanny

Published on June 30, 2020

Have you been thinking about hiring a nanny, but aren’t sure if you really need one? What is a day in the life of a nanny and why are they so valuable to many families?

Here is an overview of a typical day in the life of a nanny.

Wake Up

A nanny’s morning may even start before 5am if they are living-in with the family. Depending on the ages of the children. But usually, they would wake up anywhere between 6am-8am. Then start the morning routine and get the children ready for school on time. On the weekends, their wake-up time may be slightly later. However, with young children to look after they may find that they soon become a morning person! Often the nanny’s day starts even before the children’s, as they need to make sure breakfast is prepared and that they are ready for the day.

Morning Routine

In a day in the life of a nanny, mornings consist of waking the children up on time (if not already the other way around!). Preparing breakfast and feeding or helping the younger children with their food. Organising outfits for the day depending on daily activities. Ensuring all children are washed, dressed and ready for the day. The nanny will also pack school bags, make bottles, etc. and ensure that everything is prepared for the day ahead.

School & Nursery Drop Off

Depending on the ages of the children, the nanny may have multiple drop-offs to do each morning. They may have to take the toddler to nursery and the older child to school. And then look after the baby during the day until it is time to pick the older children up again. The nanny is often the main point of contact with the teachers at school. So they will need to get regular updates to find out how the children are doing, and then pass these updates on to the parents.

Cleaning & Tidy Up

Often mornings can be hectic. The nanny may not have time to clean up after breakfast and before the school run. So, when they get back they may spend their time clearing away from breakfast. As well as ensuring the children’s rooms are in order. Many nannies are responsible for cleaning the children’s areas and washing and ironing their clothes. Not all nannies do this but it can be a big help, especially in larger households where the housekeeper has a large area to clean each day.

Daily Activities

A day in the life of a nanny can include a variety of different activities, which may change from day to day. If the nanny has the children at home with them during the day they will have to find a way to keep them entertained. Nannies are great at planning activities, trips to the park, or helping with homework. They can also play games with the children or take them to playgroups or classes. The nanny will plan and prepare lunch for the children each day. And then do the same for their dinner in the evening. As well as preparing snacks for hungry little mouths throughout the day!

Evening Routine

The nanny often helps out with the evening routine, bathing the children, reading to them and getting them into bed. Nighttime routines can be difficult, especially with multiple children. So, nannies are often well-experienced and prepared to be able to tackle bedtimes without a fuss! Once the children are tucked up in bed, the nanny will often clear up after dinner and do any preparations they need to do for the next day. For example: laying out clothes for the next day and packing school bags. Finally, at the end of the day, many parents like to receive a brief report from the nanny of what the children have done during the day, how they are getting on at school, what they are eating, etc. It is nice for parents to get a regular update and is a good way to keep communication open between the nanny and the parents.


So that is a typical day in the life of a nanny! If you are looking for a nanny to help make your family life and routine run more smoothly we would be delighted to assist – our experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate.  Get in touch with us here or give us a call on +44(0)203 858 0233

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