How to Hire The Right Chauffeur

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Published on June 15, 2021

Do you know how to hire the right chauffeur? The right chauffeur will make life a lot easier for you. They will schedule ahead and be there exactly when you need them to. So you can get on with your busy work and lifestyle. Or simply sit back, relax and enjoy a worry-free journey. But, it’s imperative to have the right chauffeur. Find out exactly what to look out for and keep in mind when you start searching for your perfect chauffeur. So you are sure all areas are covered.

Full-Time Chauffeur

To know how to hire the right chauffeur, let’s first look at the different types of chauffeur that could be suited for you. The first thing you want to be thinking about is your daily and weekly schedule. As well as where the need for a chauffeur comes from.

Regular commutes

Do you find yourself rushing to meetings and getting stressed about getting where you need to be on time? Are you relying on taxis too often? Your time can be better spent on important tasks. Rather than waiting for a taxi. Or getting lost due to the mistake of an inexperienced driver.

Morning school run

Perhaps it is the morning school run that worries you. Having to make sure everyone is awake and ready to go in the morning can be enough of a challenge. Let alone making sure everyone gets to the place of destination before the school bells ring! Rushing around and driving or making your way through the public transport commune is not a level of stress you need to add to your life. Especially when this can be easily solved by your private chauffeur.kinds in car

If either or both of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, hiring a chauffeur is likely a good decision. A chauffeur will be there bright and early in the morning ready for the school run. They can also make sure you can make it to the all-important meetings in time.

You will be surprised how much time you save and how much you will be able to get done, whilst your chauffeur worries about the right route and busy traffic. Once your chauffeur knows your routine he will be able to schedule ahead, advise on the best times to leave and make sure the most efficient routes are being taken to get everyone to the right place, at the right time.

Retainer/Temp Chauffeur

Although a full time chauffeur is great for certain busy families – you might not need, or simply not want to be driven around every single day. However, there might be times in your lives when it comes in handy.

A temporary chauffeur might be the right solution if you do not struggle to get to and from places on a daily basis, but some weeks you find yourself scurrying about for meetings or events. There is nothing worse than arriving at a special event stressed because you were worried about logistics. One of the best aspects of a chauffeur is to make sure you arrive at your events rested. As well as stress-free, and ready to make a fantastic entrance.

Security Driver

Another aspect you need to consider before hiring a chauffeur is security. One of the most commonly mentioned requests for personal chauffeurs is a speciality in security.

A Security Driver is a highly specialised security and protection professional. They are specially trained in security driving and handling dangerous situations. This is something completely different from a chauffeur who has done a security or Safety Awareness course. The latter might be very suited for families who have other types of security already in place. Or do not feel the need for special security.


The Security Driver is specialised in his field. They are fairly rare and come at a price. If you feel this is something to consider? Then firstly think about where the concern and need for security services come from. Secondly, if you really feel your level of security needs to be stepped up. Then focusing on the chauffeur might not be enough. At this stage, it is worth looking into a potentially much broader need for an update on the overall security of you and your family.

If this is the case, an excellent thing to do is carry out a  lifestyle risk assessment. This will highlight the exact areas of potential risk, how they can be best managed. As well as what staff/procedures the best solution requires.  We can help you with these specialised and tailor-made services, so do get in touch with us if you feel this is something you want to look into.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Do you know now how to hire the right chauffeur? We do understand that finding the right personal, chauffeur for you and your family can be a  lengthy process but it really does pay off to take your time in the selection procedures. The perfect match can change your life completely!

If you still have questions or would like any advice, then please do drop us a line, we are always happy to help or give impartial advice.  We have a wide range of excellent Private Chauffeurs, as well as excellent connections to Security Drivers on our books too, so if you’d like us to find your perfect private Chauffeur do get in touch and we can help you take that step to a more worry free, smoothly running life.

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